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But then it was made the third one is going to another obvious one recently. Oh, the saints faith thing. Right. The wrong team went to the Super Bowl you ever think of. And he's echoing you or you know, he's a smart guy. He goes everything about really, what's if the replay doesn't work. Why do we even have it replay can't change any of that? Can't find a double dribble can't fix pass interference. And sports always says the wrong thing. We'll we'll we'll we'll we'll set it up. So that it can fix pass interference. Sure that'll work that it'll be, but wait a minute that was your legal contact guys. Right. There was actually a contact that was not pass interference. So we will not look at that. Even though it was the same amount wrong. We will now look at that. Because that was actually different keep peeling. Just so stupid Spain's have a voice if fans had voice, the none of that stuff would be. Well, there are a lot of fans would agree with it. But you know, at least we would have we would have a chance we would have a chance. By the time. Joe is thirty everything about sports will just be constantly have officials and on Pires. You don't why why have done you're just going to do it from the booth. You're just gonna do it from Toronto you call the game from Toronto look good. The camera work is what do you need the ref for you didn't need the ref last night? They did not make the call. But then they did because they had blood, right? Well. Slashings? It's only slashing if the guy stick breaks. Then it's slashing. There's not slashing that stick breaking. That's the penalty. You're calling stick breaking. It's not hooking hooking. We used to be like hook like Groucho Marx. Maybe now, it's tapping hooking his tapping. It's not very manly tapping. You think a tap dancing to work in the language? Mike Chopin the bulldog air, this is WJR watch the games tonight and talk about it tomorrow with Howard Jeremy six to ten on WGN sports radio.

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