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Would you spell right now looks like Pablo Escobar was here a lot of the sugar you put your team normally I put a month not long but something that's called monk not in here absolutely you're a state half of those wonderful sounds appetizing who named after okay what's called multi not that sounds very very plus and this is the Gatos and Chad show straight up with the the the media here and I know that it's your job to ask the tough questions but there's no there's no magical decision or or golden a government action that will stop this virus it is among us it is widespread and it is growing to see yesterday that got Chad Benson here get us in Chad Gaydos not so much Lloyd price I think it is a trying to get the job today I think it is this is it this could be his this big huge day we wish him all the best in that and no executive orders you see in some places the Scottsdale say we're gonna we're gonna chill for the weekend got what thirty four plus hundred again today we're sitting around here thinking to ourselves we're watching taxes roll back some of their stuff Florida rolling back some of their stuff and we're through with the yellow light here in Arizona as what the governor said yesterday we're on pause when you heard that what you think although it was a joke and the way he explains it no I was sitting at home watching it yesterday I was working from home and I texted a few people here at work and I said the governor sounds deflated and desperate and you could throw depressed in there too he he sounded all those things and it sounded to me like this is exactly like how he treated masks two weeks ago where he said Hey I want everybody to wear a mask but he didn't make that a big deal and it sounds to me like he wants everybody to stay home but he's not going to declare another executive order calling for a stay at home he does sure he could handle he can't but for the economy and for the people doing that is I wouldn't even write about the business owners who would be ticked at him too well the but on top of that I mean not only just the business wealthy you don't want that I don't want that nobody wants nobody wants any but Arizona's been going in the wrong direction again the last couple weeks and the governor says we can look forward to that next week and the week after that too how close are we going to get to that magical hundred percent number with the hospitals is like preparing us for the worse so the way I look at this why isn't that kind of his job kind of a job but once again yesterday and I and I said this on my my other little show I do that I hear all these governors and none of them have a forward thinking plan they know exactly what is the issue that needs to be dealt with whether it is the the elderly the people of compromised immune systems come morbidities all of these things they know yet I don't hear any concrete plans on how we're gonna do better at protecting them and yesterday I watched a guy who quite frankly I was I've been frustrated with I was that was the first time I said I was really disappointed I just think he he he doesn't have an answer I think he's disappointed because for all those tools in the tool belt that he talked about over the last month or two that Arizona could go to jail I think he's now realize that short of a stay at home order and short of the surge beds which he talked about in the past and if we get closer on hospitals will have to go to we don't have a lot of options the worry yes it does worry me I was looking at some models last night they're not now not those kind of model see if the models that you say that because you know throwing a dart at the board they do I mean they feel like it I mean I can't we we should appear so guess I'll sit and we've got our top yeah I'm watching Kelly Clarkson got your eighty five screens so we you know it's just like being in my house right so AT and I'll see one model appears as a hundred and forty seven thousand people that by mid July and it'll be it'll say two hundred twenty two thousand what about this model did you see this one it says twenty eight thousand new infections a day in Arizona by July eighteenth that worries me right now all right four hundred and twenty eight thousand a day do you realize that's that's the size of Florence every single day I find that hard to believe I do wanna know what it is why don't you know don't contest that many people I mean how many we have testing it I do know I mean what's the the average round about well if they're saying right now that isn't it roughly ten percent a little over ten percent like today it ticked up from ten point nine eleven point one but how many of the testing right so if you'd come out you can do math as well as I can about thirty five thousand so we're out to two hundred eighty thousand right that that's even if that's true I don't even know if we can test fifty thousand a day right now have you noticed the numbers have kind of peak right around the thirty five hundred four thousand mark we should get in that business manager that the night testing I don't want to hurt anybody who might have come of it so I don't attack woman CDC comes I answer that we twenty twenty million people probably have this I mean I could do a test if.

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