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That's the main reason, right? Okay. We all know TJ and everyone involved there. Now. Right. Had nothing to do with that. We know that is. So why would it be? So again, I I don't understand. Why wouldn't it be Larry seems like a genuine guy if you come up to him, and your honest, he seems like he would he would have had a conversation with teach alone. Right. Larry's a funny. Do soccer say that I don't know everybody opposed as differently. I would come in courtesy. How you doing? My name is coach awesome wilder. I'm sorry. You don't worry about. It is a lot of people have been. I'm calling. Coach Henri Rolin gardens on record. I call them rothlisburger once. You know about that coach. Vars? Bars dead. I think it's up a brass right party when somebody gets interviewed they don't won't talk canes to have nothing to do with nothing, which which to me is utterly ridiculous. Yeah. I mean, look Danny, regardless of his political views or we get into a politically all the time. But Danny and his family. They still care about UNLV gave rice care just like you care, and Larry cares. Right. I know all you guys still care about you. And all the. Okay. But it's really hard to be connected. Still to the program when nobody is reaching out when nobody is reaching out to you. And nobody is giving you a phone call or nobody is returning a phone call to me, there's no excuse for that. There's no excuse for TJ not introducing himself. Larry Johnson before he takes a picture with him to me. There's no excuse for that. That is a disconnect that is a problem. And it is a problem that needs to be addressed. And I truly believe in my heart that if we had another guy like Lon Kruger who just they get it. Right. They get it. They reach out to you guys. They'd get it. Then I think that Larry would be involved. The pro I think you would be involved with the program where I think a lot of people would be involved the program that is so important to getting this thing back on the right track. Is you gots, Greg? Anthony's little world, the Anderson haunts the Larry Johnson the world. Stacey Augmon, you know. And I think that is a key to not only recruiting, but it's also a key to getting people into the stands again. And I'm talking I'm not talking about people in their twenties. I'm not talking about these college kids. And I'm not even necessarily talking about people that are thirty. I'm talking about people that watched you guys win a national championship. There are a lot of people that watched you guys win a national championship that are not going to games right now because they feel like they are disconnected in a sense. Just like the way Larry Johnson feels like he's a little disconnected. Right. I think there's a there's a common theme there with the fans, and you very, but his disconnection. He don't have a problem with him because he really initiated all of you know, bars nut dealing with UNLV going to the games. So, but I saw him at a few games with Tareq when Krueger was coaching. He was more involved back that right? Goes back to what you said, exactly. So if you had a chance to talk to TJ out, so but right now, let's just make an assumption here. This might not happen. I hope it does. But let's just say calls you, right? Why he hasn't returned your call? I don't get it. It's a major asset right to have four players that you have connections, obviously in the community. And when when it comes to recruiting here UNLV, we know the history, right? I mean, they're not afraid to go to the mid west not afraid to go to the cities there and get players and just to kind of Harper back to what Anders talked about as far as the higher ups. Correct me if I'm wrong, both Brian and JD, but when we talked to desert, France wine, some of the higher ups, and they and they mentioned TJ also burger and they brought up his positive qualities right as a coach. And the reason why you hire the guy is because of situations like what took place with Larry Johnson and coach TJ. It's like you. He's supposed to own the room. Right. He's supposed to handle that correctly. He's supposed to be the guy personality wise that that you're gonna that you're gonna roof with. The trigger that you're want wanna pull for eventually. And it was just a strange scenario to see how that that took place and he didn't own the right? He doesn't take a troll of it. It was more of a, you know, a young what what does he forty one years old forty year old coach that was a fan back in ninety nine hundred ninety and and and not the, you know, the the defacto had of a program. It was very strange. I I want to address something else because we have a few UNLV fans that are in denial one of whom is on my social media page. That says quote, well, I wasn't there. This is what I heard and they're saying that you, you know, in a sense that you're not credible. When it comes to the story and correct me if I'm wrong, you talk to Larry all the time. I saw you talking to him last night on the phone. You are very still very close to him. Can you talk to people like that? That seem to think that maybe your story is not credible. Well, I like I say I wasn't there. I'm just going by what you know what I heard. So if he was dead. Of that is on the. Don't tell the story. Well, he wasn't. He wasn't and back on that. Because look all it to look at is Larry Larry's reaction to exactly you said it put one word out there. Exactly. That is not something that's positive. Okay. For TJ. That's when you see, you know, Larry Johnson put that out there. Yeah. Exactly. And Larry's the one who tweeted that out. And I know you are very good friends with Larry at and I know I'm not trying to put you in an awkward situation. But if there's anybody that's credible. When it comes to the story. It's you okay. Not some fan on UNLV that doesn't want to believe you who doesn't understand that you are very close with Larry Johnson. So this is it's at that's absolute nonsense. Look, I have no doubt. The fact of how this thing went down. He asked Larry decide a couple autographs. Larry doesn't even really look up. And then when he asked Larry for a picture Larry takes a picture with them. Larry has absolutely no idea who TJ burger is. And then is also burger leaves. He doesn't introduce himself to Larry. He doesn't say he's the head coach of UNLV right in after Larry leaves somebody goes up to me and says, by the way that was the US. V head coach. And then all of a sudden, you know, there's a social media explosion in the pictures all over the internet. And all of a sudden people are making it out to be that TGI, burgers, reaching out to Larry Johnson. And all this stuff. It is nonsense. Okay. I'm just going to say, it is absolute and utter nonsense. That's not that's not what went down it is disingenuous. And what really matters is not what you put on social media. That's not going to get people to buy season tickets. What is going to matter is if TJ outside burger actually does what he should do and reaches out to former players like yourself. He hasn't returned your call. My understanding he hasn't reached out to many of these former guys this is what he has to do. Stop it with the social media stuff. Yes. Recruit as well. Right now. He's got David Jenkins who is the big transfer from South Dakota state, his former players about twenty a game. Right. He was in town this week and utterly surprised that both those recruits allies Mitchell long and David Jenkins also more with TJ outs bird wherever Larry Johnson was. But PS signed anybody. He signed Joan Antonio the three star kid got Jong back. But there's a good Jimmy. He has to fight Gonzalez and Oregon for David Jenkins. That's that's his progress. So far as brilliant recruiter. And by the way, I will gladly stand by this story myself if TJ also burger would like to come on the show and talk about it more than welcome. I put in several questions to ask them these questions. I will more than gladly talk to him about this and many other things I will stand by this story. We also talk about the also burger that they're going to serve at the Thomson maximum. What is it going to entail? What we don't know we've discussed that. Well, how can we discuss it? If you don't know what's in it. Well, once show with discuss with them, we'll figure out I don't know. I don't know. Maybe maybe we can get a little picture of Larry Johnson on the burger to. I'm sure Larry would be okay with that. But anyway, getting back to this Anderson hunt UNLV legend national champion in studio. And the joining us, and it's always a pleasure to talk to you. A little UNLV hoops. Does it surprise you at all? The higher. We never really asked. You about this on the air. When you first heard that TJ was was hired as the new head coach. Did you think it would be more household name bigger name? Were you surprised? What was your first reaction will first reaction was they couldn't get potato because once total control and saying like UNLV don't want to Costa had total control. So and then after that, I was like. When did he come quote? And did they told me, South Dakota state say, okay? Well, they may deterrment before they play, you know, they play they play decent. No. But hey, disadvantages, man. And you know, don't know by what we want to win. If I reminded back to nineteen ninety after you guys win. And I said to you Anderson. We're going to fast forward to two thousand nineteen they've gone through several different coaches. They haven't won an NCAA tournament game since the Lon Kruger days. Right. Correct. Me if I'm wrong, and now they hire a coach that you really didn't know who he was Larry Johnson. Didn't know who he was. Would you believe that? Oh, no, no not right out to the championship game. Not even right up that we lost a Duke the Knicks. You know, his, you know, two thousand nineteen does what they felt that the UNLV program would be back to prominence. What would be your biggest criticism of the reason why they are not competing not just to win mountain west conference championships, but NCAA tournament games and national championships. What where do you where do you put the blame? You know that a few people. But my thing is we need we need anybody to be able to same page owner saying it had the same agenda like too many India's and no chiefs over there. You know? I'm just on the outside looking in. You know wish I was a, you know, part of the program. But you know, it is what it is. Well, I hope this interview helps I hope TJ burger reaches out to you in return your phone call. I hope he reaches out to Larry Johnson. I know that Stacy Augmon is is pretty stale. What went down here? And I understand why he would be he wanted to be at least the interim head coach, and they gave it to Todd Simon. Why like? There's a lot of people that are upset with the way they've done things. And I understand why they're upset. I think there's a lot of people not just players in the face. There's a player named Mark. Mark watts from from Michigan from Detroit who ended up going to Michigan Michigan state, and you had a strong relationship with his father, and that's a type of situation that you could possibly sway in favor of doing Lovie under the correct circumstances. Mris had him in into Missy. Midtown. But didn't have his pairs with them. So, you know, I guess it was unofficial visit. But he did come out here. But but far as I have four or five sixteen years that can play that's going to be deguerin players. You if intelligent for somebody on the coaching staff to get in contact with you..

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