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Can't talk about paulie let's stop for a minute so we can tell you guys about our continued obsession beach body on demand beach buddy on demand is easy to use streaming service that gives you instant access to hundreds of super active workouts that you can do from the comfort of your living room twenty four seven get up and get motivated by celebrity super trainers you know like sean t shaleen johnson in tony horton this program literally offers tons of affected workouts for levels of all fitness this is the company behind p ninety x insanity in twenty one day fix and with workouts short it's ten minutes that don't require any extra quit you can work out anywhere anytime with your computer smartphone smart tv and you'll be joining over a million people who currently utilize beach body on demand so you know it works and now our listeners can try absolutely free i recently just started p ninety x because i've heard amazing things and i really love it you guys i feel like my body's toned i really want you guys to try this service because it's the perfect service for people who are a little bit lazy and they're on a time crunch like myself so right now you guys and get a special free trial membership when you text debt it that is gt it one were knows bases to thirty thirty thirty and you'll get full access to an entire platform for free what free all the workouts nutrition information and support is totally free again just text get it gti to thirty three thirty now let's get back at it you guys kevin kevin's health levels vary tractive just just taking a bag it's just not on par with your level different i know attracted to someone now it was honestly just like oh this is never gonna work thing all right we kinda talk about the elephant in the room was which is true.

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