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Commercial message changes based upon the inferences on making right. We don't know whether those inferences are accurate and even if iraq. Do you really want someone trying to do that about you. Where you really can't change it. We really have a supposedly little control over it. According to the scientists to deal with the stop sheriff. Well it's no longer the wild west invoice in the voice ticket agree. I think we know that that that era is behind us. Now is the time when a lot of the Commercial applications are are really hitting hard and you know the big brands out there. They do want to get to know us better than i do. Wanna make offers and they do want to have a tighter relationship with us if they can. It's gonna be a fascinating time. Then you know this book voice catchers really lays the land it really lays out the landscaper. The challenges that you know that the industry is going to face. And that's everybody. That's the those of us that build the technologies and the advertisers that are looking to to improve the relationships with brands or the healthcare provider. That's looking to diagnose Your before. Yeah alzheimer's or pregnancy or a name. It even know it yourself. it's a it's a fascinating time to be alive. It's a fascinating time as industry. Can't joe it's been it's been it's been funded talk with you about this know for for folks that are interested. I i assume this book is available kind of across anywhere. it's on amazon. You could ask for it with your voice you can ask or the voice certainly picked picked mine up there but also maybe at your local law. Local independent local independent bookstore would even be better. Yes absolutely You know gio quick was just as we were talking. I was thinking. I gave a talk to In in two thousand to a a roomful of of c. level executives in the telecom industry about text messaging mob. I was working. For a company that was kind of on the forefront of that. And i i was telling them that in the not too distant future. People are not going to be talking. They're gonna be texting with each other and this room. you know. this is when you know. We're still using t nine texting. It was kind of very clumsy but man day just thought i was full of it. Why wouldn't you just make a phone call like that doesn't make any sense. So you fast forward ten years everybody's texting so for the last ten years ever once been texting. What's interesting though my kids who are nine and ten. They don't text anymore. They talk they talk text. So we're going back it's like it's come full circle. Now we're going to start having conversations against funny at at and getting asymmetrically you know A synchronous lead through text messaging and then replied. It's it's a it's a it's a fascinating time to be alive. Hopefully well thank you time. And i look forward to. We'll have another conversation in the fall to see how see how the industry is doing voice on summit but for now Joe thanks for joining us here at voice global and good luck with the book. I have a great summer. We'll look forward to catching up with pleasure. Talking with talked here. I thank you..

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