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Thing is back when I did Sunday night baseball if Jimmie Foxx was on any graphic for what it it just became a thing. I said, We got to get that graphic and I love Jimmie Foxx and here it pitched down and away Ball two. Here it was on a T for me, and I couldn't even bring myself to figure Oh, You over over. Thought I did I over thought it over thinking not a Specialty of mine. Lucas Litke, a left hander, now up in the pen for the Yankees, as Hernandez swings and fouls one back to one. And I'm pretty impressed were in the seventh inning. James anti owned still in this ballgame and The way that the first inning went and really the first two innings. Get help from defense did make pitches You're thinking, man. This is going to be a tough one for the bullpen again. 21 and Hernandez lays off down and away slider Ball three. He has done really well and pitch count. He's only had 86 pitches so very capable. Of getting through this inning. With Pitch type pitch Cal to turn it over to the bullpen after seven. Everyone is down and away Ball four. Chris Singleton Instant analysis has been brought to you. By John Deere. Nothing runs like a Deere run with us. So the leadoff walk to T Oscar Hernandez in the seventh inning. And now the left handed hitting Corey Dickerson is coming up. We showed you the lefty Lucas Litke is up in the bullpen for the Yankees, but no sign of Aaron Boone. Litke continues to throw Anti own will stay to face Dickerson. He has struck him out both times. The best that the Blue Jays have on their bench is the right hand hitting catcher Alejandro Kirk. His pitch to Dickerson Golfs one foul down the left field line. Back out of play, and they could use Kirk whenever they want because, as we mentioned earlier with expanded rosters in September, they've got three catchers on the roster right now, right hander Trevor Richards. Is now up in the bullpen for the Blue Jays. Wheels are turning Two, Nothing Toronto in the seventh snap, throw to first and back in standing up Hernandez, who does have some speed, He is nine for 13 stealing bases on the season. Jay's 10th the American League this year and stolen bases. Fifth Terms of success rate 78% success rate when they do go. Yeah, The shed and Simeon in particular have been great. The 01 and it's in the hands of Dickerson and he pulls it foul. So now it's high on is outfront and two that's going to rattle all the way down into the right field corner. Aaron Judge has to go get it and he'll pick out a fan of the front row with a Yankee cap on a lefty. And tossed from the baseball and he made that young fans day right there, didn't he? Indeed. That kind of stuff doesn't happen in other sports. I mean, you're you're sitting out in the right field bleachers and somebody hits a foul ball down the line roller a bouncer at eight seconds later, Aaron Judge gives you the basement. Set.

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