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His sympathies the family of trader Joe's assistant manager killed in a shootout after determining it was an officers bullet that struck the woman KNX seventies Margaret career was. Live outside LAPD headquarters chief. Michael Moore said he is sorry about the tragic death of Melita Corrado not just the kratos family father brother to the friends to, work colleagues at trader? Joe's this has been devastating ordeal he says she was exiting the trader Joe's when suspects Jeanette into exchanged gunfire with pursuing. Officers after crashing the car he. Was in I know that it is every officers worst nightmare to harm innocent bystander during a violent engagement I. Spoke both these officers this. Morning devastating the chief also played dash and bodycam video of the encounter showing the officers holding back on shooting until. After the crash At this point in the investigation, that she believes the officers acted to defend themselves and the deadly threat that was posed by Atkins who had already shot his grandmother and a. Young woman before the standoff. Reporting live in downtown LA Margaret, caro- KNX ten seventy NewsRadio people who live in Silverlake say today's news that an officer's bullet killed a, trader Joe's employee makes the tragedy tragedy that much harder to accept KNX ten seventy is Craig, FINA. Reports live from Silverlake I've talked several. People out here all of them listen carefully to what. The police chief had to say this, morning. And his press conference and they heard the confirmation that it wasn't officers bullets the blame in the trader Joe's employees death To have this happen they must feel terrible but that's what happens in the cross, layer No, one is, to blame but the person who generated the problem and how brave that she. Of course she would, run out to make sure everything was okay He was. Viciously already shot his. Grandmother, he had a gun he goes in the store maybe he, should send, people in, there so, they have to make that split-second. Decision it's a tough one I I know they'll be lawsuits outside this trader Joe's the memorial the flowers the candles the, notes it, is nearly double the size it was yesterday of all the people I have. Spoke to talk to none have been critical of police live. In Silverlake Craig, figure KNX ten seventy NewsRadio LA mayor Garcetti is released, a statement on the latest he is currently out of town on a trip to. Asia his statement reads Saturday was dark tape for the family of Melita Colorado and it is our responsibility to shed..

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