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Parks stories about fistfights campground. We see people who are climbing and Joshua trees. A hanging hammocks all of that. After the illegal will explore how sports metaphors are turning up in politics and have a conversation about the surprising rule of role playing games in the classroom. Get your Polly, he drill dice ready. It's Wednesday January second twenty nineteen with this morning edition on WNYC. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dale Willman. There's still no end in sight to the partial government shutdown NPR's wins do Windsor. Johnston reports the stalemate between President Trump and congressional Democrats over border wall. Funding is now in its twelfth day. Democrats say they're planning to kick off the new congress on Thursday by voting on a legislative package that would reopen the government, but it doesn't include President Trump's demand for five billion dollars for a border wall with Mexico. Democrats are refusing to approve that amount. And the White House says it won't accept as spending plan without the funding in a tweet on Tuesday. Trump once again, accused Democrats of not caring about open borders, and quote, all of the crime and drugs, they bring Democrats have said they're willing to negotiate a plan to boost border security, but not the wall Trump is demanding Windsor Johnston. NPR news, Washington. President Trump meanwhile has invited. A congressional leaders to the White House this afternoon to discuss border security, Utah Senator elect Mitt Romney says President Trump has not quote risen to the mantle of the office in an op-ed in the Washington Post today, the former Republican presidential nominee urged Trump to inspire and unite Americans NPR's Matthew Schwartz reports a president Romney rights should inspire us to follow our better angels and should demonstrate the essential qualities of honesty and integrity. But matters of character. Romney says are where Trump's shortfall has been most glaring. Trump's words and actions have caused dismay around the world. Romney says citing a Pew Research Center poll that found citizens in many countries don't believe Trump will do the right thing when it comes to world affairs. Romney has long been a vocal critic of Trump and vowed to continue to speak out against statements or actions of the president that are quote divisive racist, sexist, anti immigrant, dishonest or destructive to democratic institutions. Romney will join the Republican controlled Senate on Thursday. Matthew Schwartz NPR news wash? Ronnie's rebuke of Trump through a quick response from the president's campaign manager in a tweet Tuesday night. Brad, par scale said jealousy is a drink best served warm and Romney just proved it Ronnie was a harsh critic of Trump during the two thousand sixteen presidential election. An American on vacation in Russia's being held by thorns there and charged with spying, David Whalen, says when his brother Paul didn't come back to the hotel on Friday, we realized that something had gone wrong. And that Paul wasn't where he was supposed to be. But no one knew where he was. He says his brother Paul was there for the wedding of a friend not for spying. There's no chance at Paul was engaged in espionage. And in Russia. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo says the US is demanding an explanation of the arrest as well as Huilan's release. The death toll has risen to eighteen now in the collapse of a Russian apartment building this week. Police say more than twenty other people remain missing authorities have speculated that the collapse may have been caused by a gas leak, but the cause remains under investigation a baby boy was found alive in the ruins on Tuesday. Thirty five hours after the initial. Collapse. This is NPR news. This is WNYC. I'm shumita Basu thirty five degrees right now in New York going up to forty one degrees later today with a mix of sun and clouds New York City had a record low number of traffic fatalities in the year two thousand eighteen WNYC's David I has more this is the fifth consecutive year of declining traffic deaths under mayor de Blasios vision zero plan which aims to eradicate traffic fatalities entirely by twenty twenty four the city reports they were ten cyclists deaths last year compared to twenty four the year before the number of people who died in cars also dropped from fifty eight to thirty seven. However, the number of pedestrian deaths increased to one hundred fourteen last year that's seven more than the year before vision zero calls for speed cameras safety improvement projects and expanding the city's bike share program in the coming year. A Brooklyn man who was a longtime activist in police shootings has died. Died nNcholas Hayward senior became an outspoken critic of the NYPD after his son Nicolas junior was fatally shot by police in Ghana's houses back in nineteen ninety four the thirteen year old had been playing in the stairwell with a toy gun when he ran into an officer patrolling the building in the decades after his son was killed Hayward was a fixture at rallies and protests against police shootings of unarmed. Black men and boys. He was sixty one years old. New York governor Andrew Cuomo has pardoned or commuted the sentences of more than two dozen people many of the twenty nine people the democrat pardoned risked being deported because of their criminal record Cuomo's office says all of those receiving pardons have demonstrated their rehabilitation and have not committed any additional crimes. And once again, hundreds of New Yorkers celebrated New Year's day yesterday with a dip in the ocean at Coney Island, the annual polar bear plunge usually challenges swimmers to brave cold waters in the January chill, but Goth missed photographer. Scott Lynch says yesterday's fifty degree temperatures gave the event a more festive atmosphere than is customary Earl president Erica. Was the first team went away with a Bali ball game. That broke out dogs who died in the Coney Island polar bear club has run the annual plunge since nineteen eighty three the event raises money for local charities just a reminder some morning trains are cancelled on New Jersey transit's northeast corridor and north jersey, coast and Morris and Essex lines. There are delays right now in the Long Island railroad Babylon branch and a vehicle collision on.

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