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This is Mariah Carey her new album is caution. And you talk about a legendary artists who's been putting out music for almost thirty years. Now, I don't know what her most dominant period was maybe mid mid to late nineties. Pretty good her. But how does she sound LARs on this her fifteenth album? Mariah Carey aka my Queen aka Mamie, aka VN, lucid Shantou's perfect imperfect angel. She who bays in milk. Interviews in her lingerie, I've loved riot carry ever since I was a preteen and fell in love with her during the always be my baby video, I think that was a pivotal moment for a lot of young men in the nineties that video particular, but this record shea has scaled back as much as you can scale back. Mariah Carey and she's found a consistent tone, consistent tempo. And she's just done all these really fun bops instead of working with the same producers that she's worked with light germane to pre. And folks like that she's gone a lot younger. She worked with nine hundred eighty five of division DJ mustard, scroll IX provides like some really interesting beats for track. But the thing I love about this record is that she's having fun again. I was really taken aback listening to this record by how restrained vocals worth she's going for. This kind of icy cool quality that I as somebody who had checked out of her albums wasn't necessarily expecting. I tend to think of her as one of the mount Rushmore of singers who inspired the vocal style. You would hear on American idol Bill. Yeah. I think this is one of her better records in the last two decades, but kind of fits in really nicely with them. Butterfly from nineteen Ninety-seven when she really hit her spot and figuring out where she wanted to land between pop are NBA and hip hop the album is cautioned from Mariah Carey, and what goes better with Mariah. Carey than Glen Campbell's. I was just gonna say I didn't want to jump the gun and start talking about going Campbell during the Mariah Carey. So I know a little obvious perhaps, but Glen Campbell the new album from Glen Campbell is Glen Campbell sings for the king. And then..

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