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Friesen don prior now stay with us so what we got the rush updates that's coming up at six oh wait Donald trumps America the trump administration taking steps that might eventually lead to the importation of some lower cost prescription drugs from Canada HHS secretary Alex ETS are released the safe importation action plan on Wednesday access to affordable prescription drugs can be a matter of life or death for American patients the president has heard how much this matters to Americans and we at HHS of for the same the plan would allow state governments pharmacies and drug manufacturers to come up with proposals for safe importation and submit them for federal approval this could open the opportunity for a pharmaceutical company to import their drugs security different national drug code for that same drug but introduce it into the supply channel in a way that enables them to be free to have a lower list price because of the FDA regulatory process the administration is still months away from formally introducing the proposal at the White House John decker fox news it is five forty nine and on Thursdays about this time like to catch up to date inform you on how you can plan your weekend we call it what's up boss is reduced and is with us to give us the run down of what is up in Austin yes and you this weekend there's not as much going on as we had last weekend but tonight we have movies in the wild we'll be showing some like it hot and lady bird Johnson wildflower center to get it to ten thirty PM yeah that's a good so if you want to bring a picnic and maybe have a blanket and that kind of thing bringing over hang out watch some like it hot you guys in a movie before that so okay it's a classic all right so if anybody hasn't seen before this is your chance it is free for members of from the wild flower organization but it is twelve dollars for adults if you're not a member and you T. students faculty and staff can go for free and children under four as well there you go from seven to nine PM and the buzz mill they'll be continuing that primitive tool making class I couldn't find out what they were doing this week but they will be continuing that all month long so you can keep going by and maybe learn how to make a spirit of a stick don't know how to do that I mean and then from five thirty to seven PM at the ruins branch Austin public library was branch and reciting Grove they'll have a cap metro project connect blueline workshop so this is so that residents can chime in on whether or not they want this connect this project connect to actually build the malign AB I a to Austin to ACC highland campus so if you don't want this or if you want to time you always a very vocal about it don about how you don't think this is a good idea having a train line going from A. B. I. eight to downtown yeah but I thought this refers to be about fun stuff I guess some people have fun there some people may want time and this is just something I want to inform you on something that you can do tomorrow there's not much going on but is it I mean it is international beer day no yeah and it is national ice cream sandwich day I wouldn't suggest mixing the two but if you like that kind of thing go head there are deals all around town so search for those can mention them all so that's gonna be a fun thing you can do on Friday you had me at beer and ice cry I mean and then on Saturday the arboretum will be hosting a back to school party from nine AM to eleven PM Baylor Scott and white will be helping out with this event and you'll be able to.

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