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That's a great question. And you know thing is we assume that he has been working out this whole time. And and and scientists say, but you know, is he in football shape the football game now in what ten months now nine months from playoffs. But so we don't know. And I guess I when you wrap all that up but trying to answer your question. My answer would be Levy on here. But we're going to take it slow and working back in the lineup. And hopefully, the ideal will be he'll be ready to go in January. Yeah. That seems to make the most sense for a guy who has missed January's in years past with injuries when the Steelers pretty much at this point or in great shape to make the postseason after that sort of uneven start to the year eighty eight point one percent chance to make the postseason. So you'd figure given the circumstances given that they're probably going to come in as the three or four in the AFC. This chiefs are obviously in great shape at eight in one patriots are seven and two and having very. Division. You figure those are going to be the one in two seeds in one order or in other than the Steelers Louis, maybe the three maybe the four depending on what happens in the AFC south. I think at this point we're going to be looking at anything that's very likely make the postseason very lightly to win their division, barring a really stunning run from the raven. So it makes total sense to me. I I don't think it's not the James CONNER has been as good as Levy on Belic saying, but I just don't think that he's played poorly enough or he's been, you know, a enough of a disappointment that you can sit there and say, well, we really want to leave him on the bench and play Levy on bell guy who pretty clearly is committed to the long term of his career not minute to the twenty eighteen Pittsburgh Steelers. And that's defensible maybe to you. And I the fence while the Levy on bell. But I it's it's not even like I think the Steelers offensive lineman are going to turn on bell and not block for him. But I think it's more than That's that. right. But, but you know, I think it's just James Connors play ball enough to to deserve this role. And he's going to be a part of the twentieth. Nineteen Steelers and the twenty twenty Steelers, and they've even the twenty twenty five Steelers if they get lucky, and I think it's great have Levy on ballots and incredibly valuable backup plan to have. But to me, I still think even into January you wanna give James Connor a good chunk of that workload. Even if it is meant to be fifty percent. But even if it's thirty or forty percent, I think that's going to keep letting them bell fresh. It's going to keep James Connor fresh. And if they did happen to Lisbon rothlisburger or he wasn't a hundred percent. They lost Antonio Brown and didn't have the same level of a passing attack. I think this is eighteen that often vine is good enough. Their defense secondary has been a major question, Mark. They played better yesterday. Let's be a team where I think they can run the ball factory and had that be the focal point of their offense. Whether it's Connor or bell heading into the postseason. I'm looking at their schedule right now they scored fourteen points in the lost a Baltimore September. Yes. They were at least twenty one points in every other game and often a lot more. So I think this falls mcadoo gory if it ain't broke, let's not fix it. Absolutely. Makes total sense to me. Vince. It's always a pleasure to have you on the show. Of course, you're all over the internet where can people check out more of the work? You're doing I always check me out of football, outsiders dot com. Especially in audibles at the line, which I talked about earlier published every Monday morning during the season. Also quick reads goes up late Monday night or Tuesday morning after the Monday night game looking at best and worst players of every week. I can follow me at on Twitter at S O underscore of e-verify, that's football, outsiders, and then Vive for Vincent very high. And if you're in the pro wrestling, of course, the Brian Vinnie show, that's what w online dot com. Looking at.

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