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Hold Despise and hold, but it locks it in on an annual basis. So you at least get to book a return on an annual basis, and you don't give it back when we have a huge correction. You need to give us a call today. Whenever we could be reached at your calls being answered live is 972473 47 100 again? That's 972473 47 100. What are the things that I felt to mention was? Is that once you've locked in this 50% Of the rate of the return. Accounts over 500,000. They can't change it. And it specifies in the contract that even if interest rates, they start charging us at the bank, you know, back in the day we said that could never happen. But who knows? But You can't change that 50% no matter what happens in the world for six years. That I really like because so many times when we take a look at some of these companies that have this participation rate, it can go up and down and the people kind of get frustrated later down the road. This can't change. It's huge, right? That's one component. Your overall plan that's going to give you the security you need inside your retirement portfolio. Right? And I really like this, Steve for people that for You know, it's like it's like my 60 40 right, like maybe put 60% here and 40% and another longer term plan, or if you want immediate in calmer and income in the next year, too. By having the a six year term. The thing that's nice about is if interest rates go up later down the room and you're gonna be able to have access to that right. So it's it's a win win and so short term That's what I love the best about it. So I mean, millions and millions of dollars have been going into this particular strategy. I cannot stress to you how in our world things have changed. So if we end up having a market pullback, this 50% rate may be gone. They may even pulled the strategy. So this is very important on this particular plan to get in because once the bucket is full The bucket is full, and they're not going to take any more money in and we work with insurance companies all the time. And, you know, Bright House is a huge organization, but they only can put in so much money in this particular plan, Right? That's a good point. I mean, we take a look at the market back in. Oh, wait No. Nine when we had great offerings at that time, And then what happens when the market starts toe decline? I mean, people are moving into safety so the companies can offer to pay you what they were paying. But if you've locked it in your grandfather, then for that time, and especially a strategy that will give you 50%. That's A great opportunity for you. From a growth standpoint, protection standpoint, and even that liquidity standpoint, because, like you said, you can have a check within 30 days of 10% of the value. Actually, Steve, you're wrong. Oh, I lied. No, you misspoke. There's a difference. Once you're kind of set up, you can withdraw the following week, So it's like seven business days. And the thing is, is that I know in this six year period, we're going to have a huge market correction. What a buying opportunity and the strategy so you didn't lose any value. You have all of your money, and then you get to ride the market up. It's short term and it's easy. Here's where the market started. And here's where it ended in a 12 month period boom, right and then just do that six times and then get your money or don't even touch it. I won't mess it. Beauty never jumped the fact that it's hit a new Let's say it did hit a low. Well, guess what? We're starting there and then we're able to write it up. 50% 0. My gosh, Could you imagine like it from my From my perspective if we take a look at what's gonna just You heard it here First. I think that the housing market's just gonna implode the market. I mean, just completely just implode the market and student loan debt and a lot of the P P p has not been paid back. When the first time we have a lot of things that are at stake. But it's the one thing I can tell you from a financial standpoint of what we do and do really awesome. Lee is if this market corrects what a buying opportunity with this particular strategy. Don't miss out. Give us a call today. Scheduled your appointment this week. 972473 47 100 words whether it's an in person appointment in Dallas or Arlington or a conference call. Zoom meeting. I can assure you that everybody has an opportunity in this strategy. If the market goes up, you're going to get 50% of the market goes down. You'll get zero. That's like having a positive return. And there's no annual management fee. The number to reach us again is 972473. 4700 That's 972473 47 100. I'm Kathy Do it down, along with Steve Ringo will be right back. The recent health events and financial markets have us all wondering what the future holds. How long before we come out of this, and life returns to normal as we adjust to new terms like social.

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