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Be as healthy as they were one year ago but if they are then forget it they may as well book their place in the nfc championship game right now because on paper. There's no way that they were two teams better than the box in the nfc. Well the dallas as an open atlanta the rams in new england Off to that the rams it hearing that can be tricky because both road games as violence on debt by i feel anyway could be be serious teams. This season followed up by miami philly chicago and then at new orleans. They could be sitting by halloween or just off the halloween. They hit the bye week then. Washington the giants indian land after that and they could be already a playoff team by december. This rate that is going to be even more of an edge for them so the bucks week with clear on hot take number one the bucks can we know they're going to be there there abouts and and it will be fascinating to see how fluid this offense is out of the gates and i'm really interested to see that and see all of these pieces having had the benefit of a complete off-season as i say and of course the benefit of a full sin jabber winning season behind them. What about dallas. Where do we not specifically this game. And it's oskaloosa over a touchdown dogs in in this one where data's going to play out because they got amongst easy easiest divisions in in the nfl. They have this whitehall fence even if they lying is in complete and as formidable as great cowboys offensive lines of the last. Ten twelve is. It's certainly not gonna hinder them. They are going to be able to put up points on on most teams. But what how do they play out than you seeing them as a playoff team and seeing them as a potential contender to get some mojer rolling in the playoffs. I do see a playoff team. Because i i see them as the as the favorite in the nfc eased. Offense alone should do it. I don't think. I don't think the defense is terrible. Love mike parsons linebacker. They picked in the in the first round. You love him because of deep seated college knowledge or eleven because of hard knocks. He's being he has been entertaining me on my own but no i love. I love him before that in fact he he was drafted just off the just fields was drafted and whatever whatever time of night that was in in the uk. I then got a call from all thornton. The producer here. Of course saying please come on the radio and talk about just in fields so five minutes later on the radio and that's also in microprocessors being pixel before. I even had the chance to gush about just in fields. I was told rai okay. Please voters by michael mike. Moss right to get mica boston's on that. Russia poses didn't pick up as mike. Parsons ought to talk about me. Michael interesting who didn't play who didn't play last season. He he sat out because he was rested up. He was phenomenal. Penn state before then he would have been phenomenal last season. If he had played he is absolutely outstanding. He is going to be one of the best linebackers in the league within a couple of years. He's going to be a young leader on that. On that team penn state put out some fantastic players like him who are surprisingly a surprisingly intelligence. Who just they seem to just get everything. If you get a good penn state linebacker they can. They can run your offense. And i think mike. Parsons is going to be the cornerstone of that defense in years to come. I think he's got a good chance to be defensive rookie of the year. And he's got a good chance to elevates everyone around him to turn that defense into a pretty good defense to go with a fantastic offense. They were playoff team. I don't know how far they would go in the playoffs personally. I just think they're a little bit thin in areas and they lack some depth but this should be a playoff team if they don't make the playoffs then questions have to be asked. Unless it's dan going down again in which case that's a whole new question but if this team stays reasonably healthy and doesn't reach or doesn't makes the playoff and just lays ache in the first game. Then i think mike mccarthy is gonna have a lot of questions to answer as a fan. Would you rather have your team. Narrowly missed the playoffs or make the playoffs expectation. And then get shellacked walker. We well as a properly blowed out the water if they were gonna get absolutely destroyed. I'd rather just miss out and you feel like okay. Let's take momentum into next season was destroyed in the playoffs. You have to just really stew about that and feel like a. We're so far away if you just miss out. Let's say the dolphins just missed out last year. You could feel like if one game had gone our way who knows what an impact we could have made in the tournament was in and you you get your butt handed to you then you will do is riddled with self doubts okay. So we're we're big on a box like everyone else in the entire world the cowboys on as wells particular offense so as i say you listen to this friday lunchtime. Possibly as the cowboys. Put up six points in the six win inevitable Of course brown's chiefs next up now to bona fide contents in the afc. Of course the chiefs much. Like the bucks and vegas outlining this brick clearly that they The two favorites respective conferences again to to win it all again and square off in la..

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