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No, no. But I do believe she sends people to me. I believe that she sends people to me, I believe she set. My husband to me. I believe she sends everything to me. You know? I remember reading a story about you meeting. Your husband like in a grocery stores. Yeah. Something like that. Right. So that's an interesting. So my my best friend from home Patrice who's a hairdresser. She is whether she likes it or not a medium. No, she has dreams, and she sees things, and she's seen my mother many times in dreams and her and I were in whole foods. She was visiting from Boston. She was doing my hair for a premiere of a movie I was in and she came out. For the week to hang out. We weren't whole foods and my husband is also from Boston. And so we ran so Patrice and I were in whole foods, and Chris my husband heard her voice and said Patrice as that you and they turned around and started talking to each other. And I kind of knew he was because he was sort of I knew him from Boston. I knew of him we had mutual friends, but I had never been introduced to him. And so they talked and I walked away. And she said it's so weird that you guys never met. I guess it's because you moved to Miami. And but anyway, it's weird that he lives out here now too. And I said, oh, whatever who cares. He's a thug from Boston. And I didn't come to California to be a movie star to mingle with thugs from Boston him. Him. So I'm too good for that. So then the next day I was walking in on the same street on Fairfax in sunset in the ride aid parking lot. And I hear hey, Ellen from behind me. And I thought oh Jesus who's this now, and I turned around and it was him. And I set it's Chris, you know, remember me from health lutes yesterday said, yeah, how did you know that was me? I had big sunglasses on Cape and have been in a couple of movies. And I thought it really fabulous. And he said now, did you know? No, it will be. And he said will you turn your back on me yesterday? So I know what you look like from behind cool. Yes. Good answer. And then funny enough, we honestly were just friends for almost a year. And we were such good friends that I started to have feelings for him. And I didn't wanna talent. Because I thought he was showing zero signs of being interested in never tried anything on me, nothing never even bat an eyelash at me. So I thought well, I can't really 'cause I'll blow this friendship. He's a great guy super good friend L just embarrassed myself. So we were out at this club forty deuce one nine and some director guy came up to me, and you know. Showering me with compliments then I saw he got very jealous. And so I said, oh, yeah. I got him. Yeah. Yeah. So then I went out into the parking lot. And he was talking to some girl who was telling him she was a belly dancer, and I went out and rolled my eyes and said I'll belly. And so then we kind of knew it was on almost a year later. And what was he doing out here? He was a he was working at ICM the talent agency working for a music agent. Ah talent Booker. Yeah. Wow. Funny. When you when you are open, and you're open to the frequency of the universe things fall into place. And now here you guys Helen you've been married. Been married. Ten years together sixteen. Yeah. And being open to the frequency of the universe is also something that only with age. Do you get to you know, you talked about my mother? So the first studio movie that I ever did was movie called moonlight mile and I had similar situation. I had met Jake Jilin hall on the street a few weeks before and just randomly. He sort of gave me a compliment. And I blush and New York in LA, and he wasn't a movie star at the time. You know, he just done a couple of movies, but they hadn't come out yet..

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