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Read the storyline does big Camille. So you know, I, regardless of whether whether you know the fact that Cody I wanna make dream proud as well. You know, I wanna on his legacy and on the RIC flair and Terry funk, and you know, Jack Brisco, Dory, funk. Like I take that very seriously, you know? And and so when when I mentioned in that list of names with it's, it's off to me, I feel like I deserve it yet, but I'll I'm gonna do my damnedest to make sure that I do I do with that group of guys, you know, by the time send you wanna be an position Nick or you know, if if you don't go on last, you want to attitude. I used to kid Eddie Guerrero bet this. He had the open a pay per view. One time he was irate. It came to me on the head of talent and trying to made explained. He wanted me to explain him while he was opening the show. And I said, vincit philosophy now is open with a hot match. The kind of sets the tone the, oh days, starting slower paced match. Or something more deliberately presented and then building to a crescendo have have left us with rightly or wrongly. I'm not saying it's wrong or right. It's just not as prevalent. So you know the he one of make sure that you if you go on somebody falling that they can't follow this too good to follow. And but I, I really believe that you guys have got a great story. I, I'm excited about the pay per view aspect of it on the fight to have, you know, health launch defied that back in the day and is great app free folks. If you got WI fi and the f. and why fi you can watch so much wrestling and ima as uncanny, but the but the all in will be on the fight app. You see everything, and I would certainly encourage you to check that out and Nick, I bought, can't let you leave that. Tell me how how you how your lovely bride is doing NICKY James. One of my fair girls of all time. She, she's, she's great. I actually just I just picked up near what she was. She had to go down to a Landau to do to shoot photo doing all the issues and stuff like that for the the women's pay per view and all that stuff. She's, you know, obviously she's very, very grateful to, you know, to get another by the apple, you know her and to be there with all these and I am too, and, and I'm very proud of our obviously, you know, she's I believe that she'll go down as one of the great civil time, and it's it's another way it puts healthy pressure on me, you know, because you know, she's, yeah, I think that she's, I think she's one of the best women's ever laced up and, and so you know, I've got, I've got to stick to a high standard around here. You know. I said this for a long time. She's one of the best females we ever hired in any era. I was proud to higher. I place she, she always worked hard. She's smart and she has gotten herself for a mom of young son and trying to be a working mom. You know, she's gone the roads, she's traveling. She's got herself in great shape, which is just great. Nothing, dedication, focus and attention. You've got access to a published author, you know home the sixth stop buddy dot com. Be that be that as it may Jim? Yeah, it's it's we, we took great pride or not. And you know she, she has. She has always worked very hard and you know, we, we never looked when when she pregnant, you know, we, we went right to work. You know, we, we read a lot and we did. You know that that's how I'm wired as far as like the body is concerned. We right from the beginning just I should've went, okay. This is what we do, how we approach everything. 'cause she was obviously concerned about losing body, you know, and and you know, genetically, you know, she that in on her side of the family and she was when she was very concerned about it and I and we, we just like everything..

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