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Water rescues overnight. And the flooding threat from beta is far from over. Jim. Really in ABC News, Dallas, you're listening to ABC. Now. Here's what's happening around the state on Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk. California's Employment Development Department says it won't be processing new claims for two weeks to tackle fraud and reduce its backlog. Republican Assemblyman Jim Patterson says the announcement confirms what he's been hearing from his constituents since March. This has been a huge failure, and now we're in a fire drill, and I think the question is whether or not the fire drill creates opportunities of them forward or whether it makes things worse. A strike team commissioned by Governor Gavin Newsom's administration found the biggest obstacle to getting through the backlog of claims is its failure to soft fraud and abuse from scammers. Corona virus rates in California are improving. Governor Newsome took to Twitter to save the state's positivity rate has fallen to 3.1%. He also reported that hospitalization rates are down 23% and see you rates are down. 25% Newsome reminded Californians that all of this can change If the state doesn't continue to be smart and safe. I'm Nick a magus. Sacramento traffic checking KFBK traffic Davis North bound 1 13 between Russell Boulevard and Kabul Boulevard. Only the left lane is open until 7 a.m.. This is because of road construction taking place. So expect some heavy delays in the area. When you jam until just one lane Courtland Highway 1 60 at painter's Ville Bridge, It is shut down until October, 1st. So make sure to use Walnut Grove Bridge or Steamboat, Slow Bridge instead and then looking over at Woodland South bound five.

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