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Deputy editor behind the curtain dot com and we were doing a little bit of a primer for cut down day of course tuesday the days now as soon as this podcast drops we will be taken down the minutes. Heck the seconds to that cut deadline as those move start trickling in and we know they will and they will be coming in hot. And i don't really anticipate any big crazy cuts by the pittsburgh steelers especially the team in the direction. They're trending in. It just doesn't look like a team. That's going to be making any kind of bold decision right now but we should talk about the defense of course first half of the show. We broke down often. The side of the football defensively kicking things off at the corner position and we'll work our way in from there at corner. I think we already know what the steelers star is going to look like but then it comes to those depth spots and whether or not they make a move for another corner. Which if you ask me if you ask jeffrey benedict if you ask. Jeff hartmann dave pskov. Basically if you ask anyone from behind the steel curtain dot com staff it feels like an evid ability that the steelers land some sort of corner whether or not. It's a player from an outside team or trade to upgrade the spot especially at that nickel position. An o'brien callaghan's name. That's been talked about a lot and one that the steelers have called to check in on. I don't know if it's passed anything other than initial contact but that's something. We need to see one of those spots. Honesty is going to come from a player more than likely outside the organization that the time of recording. The show is currently a pittsburgh steeler outside of that you of go look at those kind of depths spots. Could amar gilbert climb his win in the team. Of course you know occur. Brown got cut in the steelers have no plans on signing him to the practice squad which is kind of mind boggling to think of the undrafted free agent with the largest signing bonus in steelers history getting cut just a few weeks later with no interest for the team for even a one redshirt kind of developmental year the steelers sitting and kind of moved along that one was a bit of a shocker but that corner spot again. It's one wash. It almost seems like justin lanes going to fluke his way into another nfl year. Sorry if you're listening. Justin but he struggled mightily throughout all his playing time in the regular season. The last couple of years after being third round pick for the pittsburgh steelers But they just don't have the bodies. Justin leans going to find his way on this team once again. Moving out to safety. This one is kind of one of those up in the air things once again. Because the steelers don't really have any safeties past their starters you know making fitzpatrick trill admins and traynor. Would i suppose it's kind of that number. One free safety back up now with almost no competition behind him which is pretty insane for the pittsburgh steelers to roll a seventh round pick as a primary backup into the season. But that's just the way we're rolling into this year so hopefully norwood is ready to go but right now. I don't anticipate anything anything crazy. Come down from that role. Strong safety however i guess miles kellogg abreu is your backup strong safety guy. That played linebacker. The last couple of seasons. In that kind of marcus allen type role of course. He's reunited with coach. Darrell austin who drafted him to detroit and meet him. A strong safety before awesome left and killebrew was bumped down to that inside linebacker position. So safety i wouldn't expect anything crazy outside of them perhaps trying to bring in another body. I don't. I don't foresee them making any bold moves at the safety position though and are just more likely to try to rotate one of the corners. Up to safety in the event of an injury bringing things down to inside linebacker and things start to get a little bit of spicy because that inside outside linebacker spot. We know the steelers like to carry nine of them total. Whether or not it's five guys in the inside or five guys in the outside varies by year and it just varies by talent level. And who. Danny danny smith thinks is going to be a better contributor on special teams those kind of depth linebacker roles typically false guys that have a little bit more special teams prowess. So that's something to keep in mind when the cuts come down and you get mad that your favorites outside or inside linebacker depth player that is got the axe. That's probably because they're not a very good special teams contributor. And that's their number. One job being the ninth linebacker on this team so some names to watch out for us cut candidates i think of course ulysses gilbert the third his time i feel like he's one of those guys just come to an end he was terrible. All preseason lawn. He lost naps he. He's he remembered that week one game that he was healthy. Mike tomlin refuse to give them a helmet despite having almost no depth that inside linebacker at all it was just one of those things where ulysses gilbert the third continues to hang on but everything is just training in the wrong direction for him lashing on this team any longer. So that's someone. I kind of anticipate getting the chop. Of course marcus. Allen is another name that you should watch out for who i think he might have played himself onto the roster but battling some injury. You don't know for certain. We know joe schubert and devin bush. You're going to be the starter so not to worry. They're the most likely backups. Roberts splaine and buddy johnson will be backing them up then it becomes whether or not there's a fifth linebacker or fifth guy on the outside. Of course the outside linebacker spot you've got. Tj watt melvyn. Melvin ingram goodness gracious. Already forgotten his name. And then you have. Alex highsmith as your three starters. Your forced guy comes down to a competition of three players..

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