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On this vote. The yeas are two hundred and thirty. The nays are one ninety. Seven present. Is One article. One is adopted. Two hundred thirty to one ninety seven. That was the tally last night. At eight thirty four eastern time cemented a key part of Donald J trump's legacy because that was the moment he became an impeached president minutes later. A second article of impeachment was passed with with two hundred twenty nine votes article. Two is adopted. Remember it was late July when an anonymous whistle blower reached out to staff members at the House Intelligence Committee expressing concern about a phone call between president trump and the leader of Ukraine though staffers told the whistleblower to hire a lawyer to file a complaint with the Intelligence Committees Inspector General the House Intelligence Committee has just released. The whistle blower complained declassified version of timber. All of America had read that report from the whistle blower says in in the course of my official duties I have received information from multiple. US government officials that the President United States is using the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign in country in the two thousand twenty US election less than three months. Democrats conducted depositions that conducted hearings and last night they pass those articles the president Now officially stands charged with abusing his power and obstruction of Congress. And we're going to hear how this went down yesterday whilst GonNa look ahead to the next phases of this so let's get to it. Let's start at the Capitol itself. ABC Senior Congressional correspondent. Mary Bruce Joins US and Mary. The voting took what like twenty minutes and yet this was is really an all day thing. You had more than six hours of debate evenly split between the parties one last chance for both sides of the aisle to make their case and the partisan divide could not have been more stark. All that matters to this president is what affects him personally speaker Pelosi all day setting the tone. What we are discussing today is the established fact that the president violated the Constitution? He sat there in the chamber often in the back by herself as is listening throughout the entire thing and she said as she has said throughout this entire process this is a solemn occasion we gather today under the Dome of this temple full of democracy to exercise one of the most solemn powers that this body can take. It was hard to miss the fact that she was dressed all in black but when she did take to the four to make remarks she made it very clear that she feels the president's actions had left them with simply no choice. If we do not act now we would be derelict in our duty because of course impeachment impeachment was not something the police had wanted to do. This was a day that she had in many ways tried for a long time to avoid this impeachment as renting our country and have it's fatally flawed on a process the substance the intentions and the consequences. It's a total shift show and on the Republicans it was very clear. They are in lockstep with the president. President they were eager to mount a fierce defense. You're about to impeach a duly elected president. Who has done nothing wrong? Of course we didn't see a single Republican break ranks with the president here and they railed against the Democrats for hours. They'll be forever remembered as the Senator Joe McCarthy's of our time one Republican at one point trying to compare the impeachment process to the trial of Jesus Christ haunches pilot afforded more rights to Jesus than the Democrats have afforded this president. Of course you have heard the the president himself compare this process to the Salem witch trials so a lot of Colorful comparisons going on your on the hill and that takes us up to the vote. How did that play out on the floor? Mary House Speaker. Nancy Pelosi presided over these two votes. The first one abusive power and no surprise here. It was a party line. Vote as these. He's votes were occurring. You could actually hear chance. Four more years from Republicans inside the chamber some Democrats were also feeling rowdy as Pelosi slammed the gavel. You can hear them applause laws speaker. Pelosi didn't like that. She put up a finger almost as if she was chiding children's cut it out. We have bipartisan. Opposition impeachment. Not Bipartisan Support and Democrats were largely united as well but two of them did defect to oppose impeachment. They are Congressman van drew of New Jersey. Who's actually already announced that? He plans to switch parties entirely and become a Republican in Collin Peterson of Minnesota a district. The President Trump won by thirty points. There's been a lot a lot of focus. Paid to these moderate Democrats in swing districts that are up for re election. But what has actually been kinda surprising here on. The Hill is how many of them fell in line behind the Democrats today. An oath that gives me resolve resolve to do what is right and not what is politically expedient so many of in the previous day's one by one have come out fallen in line saying that. They feel that they had to back impeachment because I stick with their principles even though they knew that could have cost them their jobs. I come to this floor not as a Democrat not as a Republican but as an American who cares deeply about the constitution. The the closest comparison Democrats had just a mosh rate used to be a Republican. Now he's Independent. He voted for impeachment but then Republicans could also point to Tulsi Gabbard at Democrats kratz running for president. She was that person voting present who couldn't quite bring herself to pull the trigger. Either way. Mary what do you see is the mood of these lawmakers because as we talked about you know these solemn long faces Democrats talked about the anger these Republicans but that genuine performance like what is it. I think it's all of the above. Brad I mean look this has become one of the most intensely partisan episodes I think of our history. It's interesting to see how very few of them Wanna address any of the facts of the president's misconduct nor do they wish to defend nor do they wish apparently Madam Speaker I've struck a nerve and it's more than just a partisan divide. We saw this fundamental divide over right and wrong and that led to essentially a debate where the two parties can't even agree on the basic facts of what happened here and short given the nature feature of this debate Impeachment is a political process. You did hear a lot of political grandstanding but you also heard a lot of passion on both sides. Republicans are adamant that the president did nothing wrong here and they were eager to launch a very fierce defense while Democrats argue the exact opposite. They say they have simply no choice. But got to impeach the president that he has put his own political interest of those of this country and they went ahead and did it in a way that like you said. We've never really seen before Mary. Bruce Thank you thanks Brad..

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