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It's just going to go away. That could be that could explain the whole situation, everything you've seen. That's right. We're all hypnotized. We're all like in a matrix. That might be a more closer to reality than we think. Because even the top scientists like, let's just say the top physicists in the world, doctor michio kaku has come out and said that the universe is a hologram. Everything around us is a hologram. I kind of have a little crush on him. Do you? It's just his brain I like. Yeah. You know, I got involved in paranormal research several years ago because I was attracted to the EVPs and the electronic voice phenomenon. Because I just felt like I was in my mind I visualizing these voices that these people picked up. And I'm thinking back to the radio wave thing, you know, and I know that our brains are like these fabulous computers. And what if our essence, the energy that is actually what we are, is just manipulating that brain, okay? To be in this body in this life, when we when this body no longer functions in this brain, no longer does what we wanted to do, we just cast to decide and move on. I mean, I think that we've already pretty much established that our bodies have energy that we are energetic in our being. Where do we go after the bodies are no longer useful to us? We're out here somewhere and these EVPs, I think some of these people, whatever you want to call them, have figured out a way to manipulate this electronic stuff, you know. I really think there's some to it. And I got involved in it. And it's funny because almost I don't know if it's because of who I am, what I've experienced or what I am, whatever that may be. Like an antenna for this stuff. And I've gotten some amazing EVPs over the years, and I continue to do this research. I want to prove in my own little a with my own little piece of data somewhere out here someday.

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