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You are entering ENC's off of this. So. Birdman I year what? Yeah, I hear you're on your phone. I hear you this first thing I'm going to bring up. I'm going to throw it right. They're gonna throw down your unprofessional card. He's right there in front already. Gangly toes. Your gnarled up long gangly toes that you can hang upside down from trees with like fucking bat and earth of all. Let's let's get with straight straight straight was make one thing perfectly clear about my feet. All right. I've been told that I was in the wrong business. I should've been a foot model and the people that really know me, they'll say, oh, Jay, yeah, great guy, nice feet feet. Yeah, yeah. So that's like two people because the rest go j what dick with pad. But yes, I'm on my phone. What happened was, you know. No documented over the past few months here on the part of awesomeness that I haven't been home much and that trend has continued here. I was home for a day and a half last week and in my unpacking laundry repacking I forgot to put my kit back in my bag and I was on the plane taxing on the runway. It hit me. I was like, and I forgot my podcast kit. I'm such a great podcast or so it's the mapping, it's the mush, Brad debate, a bad nearly toes and mush bring. Yep. So that's what happens sitting on my desk in my office and my gigantic house alone. All by its lonesome. Where pray, tell tell us, tell me and the hose IRS where you happen to be putting your narrow little house this week. Drummer right now? Actually, our hometown brother, brother, brother? Yeah. I also like that you pop yourself so much that you snort it. Yeah. So yeah, just doing a little little appearance here today. Smackdown live over at the the arena there. I'm gonna be monograph at the Scotiabank arena candidates center anymore. Still the ACC was always going to be the SkyDome too. So you're signing autographs today? Pardon? A lot of A lot nine. of nine over there today. Yeah, look at ya. Now, look at you. Well, while you're plugging your stuff, I'm going to plug the fact that my dates for London Manchester and Glasgow of moved for my spoken word tour for my afternoon with, yeah, they have. Have they moved. They moved and it's because I, I'm on a TV show that. Takes place a lot of time on the seas and the seas. They aren't always friendly my friend, so it'll shifts days and it screws days all up and it's really, really hard to schedule anything outside of this job. And I wanted to try and do it because it was over here. I thought it'd be a great opportunity to do it while I was here. However, now days have shifted because of the ocean work. And then we have the shift the days, and I felt really bad because I know some people had already booked off work at book, their traveling, book, their hotels, and I hate don't care. I'd actually do. I really do. You know, it bothers me and I, you know, now some people that bought tickets can't go. They gotta get refunds and all that stuff. And it's. I know I know, but now are took herbal terrible human being. I am. I only a horrible human being with a job dammit. Sir. Now Manchester's Tober eight Glasgow Tober ninth and London is Tober tenth and you can go on inside the ropes to their Twitter. It's at inside. Underscore the ropes. Brother to get tickets and all that good stuff. And that's, that's locked in that that is a definite. So no more shifted. No more change? Yeah. Yeah, yeah. To belfast-dublin. Yeah, all that good stuff. So that while you're in now and you're in Arlon. Was that your Irish act that. No, it just comes out sometimes nasty when I speak about Arslan. Oh, more morph into into, you know. Gotcha. Almost like snapping into a slim, Jim, but different. Oh. Okay. The. Yeah. So yeah, our guests, they've got a call and I figured as smart, right? Oh, yeah. Yeah, not myself over anything, but we've been talking a lot, no Passi weeks, but how the two five live guys are really stepping up, right and working hard. And.

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