Beijing, Norwegian Government, Asta discussed on BBC World Service


Beach in the neighboring means politi sir it's eleven years ago i i walked around that each for several hours billions and billions of heretofore small round stones then all of a sudden soit and beaten up and left the beach with nothing else light i could see that you're quite emotional border as quarter an importance spiritual collection of everything with the shami religion the saami beliefs snow something you hole in bow snow and it's been like that for the last few hundred years it's becoming more and more normal talk about it this is something i a un people my generation of from our grandparents parents they never talked about these things because it's probably a fear that they carried with them from the child luedemann and the government was quite stretched and harsh beijing today on last dad awesome me and my sister we were going with our daddy to our some place where we have the main deuce in the summer and it's close to asta because you're not struggling with the norwegian government now are building this huge power line across our land and that is gonna destroy aloft for us we're gonna lose a lot of space that's gonna destroy the nature that's gone are scare the reindeer's and now and if we lose that economists that the would have been trying to talk with them and trying to have the meetings with them i'm thinking i'm a little bit afraid because i'm thinking okay lose a lot of our lands now where where can we go then what will happen and well we went up with our daddy and he was like showing low sacred stones they are gonna destroy our sacred stones he was so sad also so.

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