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But that scene in Chicago last night that was wild that looked like something from 1/3 world country wasn't just like a bad part of Chicago. It was all up and down the magnificent mile and everything. 13 police officers injured 100 arrests so far and the Apple store looted the Walgreens looted some of these top notch stores, retail stores, windows broken, all looted, and it all started late night last night in Chicago. There was a police action shooting where the suspect fired at the officers. First, the officers returned fire. And next thing you know, a couple hours later, you've got mass looting taking place in Chicago, and it looks like the police were pretty outnumbered in this. It was pretty bad. I looked at some of these scenes, especially in Portland. Like if we can't Stop a bunch of white dudes and man buns and backpacks. Like what do you dear? Like, like rush ever invades or something like that? You know, Robinson, I could promise you ain't gonna be the same. I'd like if I'm trump. I'm just like, yeah. Those people aren't being protected by the local authorities. I'm overriding the mayor and I'm sending troops in and ending this now. So over the weekend, the attorney General Bill Bar, went on with Mark Levin of Fox and was talking about the way that the media portrays these rioters. So if we're going to talk about the attorney General Bill Bar, I think it's only appropriate. Set the tone. Official bill Bar music of all our official bill bar music. You see the video over the weekend. I think we re tweeted it of Bill Bar getting out of his motorcade because he saw a pro police demonstration. I think it was in Virginia. He had the FBI who was running the motorcade turn around. He got out of his limo and went to think these people that we're actually at a rally of pro police rally and you would have thought Tom Cruise got out of the limo. These people started taking pictures and selfie. So thank you. I'm like this is where we're at in 2020 where the most boring bland attorney general on record. Bill Bar is a giant celebrity. Some circles. Did he throw a sweat, so Start to the fans like Elvis used to do back in the day. Uh, here is Bill Bar on with Fox over the weekend. Talking about the way the media portrays the rioters. I've been appalled or what's on this violence because it's happening right out in the streets. Anyone with eyes can see what's happening. They see the violence they see. The these groups of agitators in their black outfit in their helmets and their shields, which, incidentally, have the have hammer and sickle on most of the time rushing the police causing violence, throwing rocks of people showing up with the rocks and the frozen bottles that's happening that's happening in front of people. You don't see it on any of the national news. You don't see it on the networks. You don't see it on the other cable stations. And yet you hear about these peaceful demonstrators, So it's it's you know, it's just it's a lie. The American people are being told a lie by the media. That is.

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