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I go to s c i c com slash I AMs U. S futures rebounding from yesterday's losses, its father one on Wall Street, and check the markets every 15 minutes. Throughout the trading day on Bloomberg S and P Futures up, 11 points down futures up 72 NASDAQ futures up 54 the decks and Germany's up 1/10 of upper said 10 Year treasury Down to 30 Seconds you had 1.15% yield on the two year 20.14%. Nynex crude oil at 1.7%, or 91 says that $53.16 a barrel Nathan Karen, we begin on Capitol Hill, where the House will formally call on Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th amendment removing president Trump from office. Sources say the attempt is dead on arrival before lawmakers move on to a second impeachment. Bloomberg's Josh Wingrove reports there several questions about how that will play out. If he went right over to the Senate, it could start the trial right away that could potentially run onto and through inauguration, which, of course, would get messy. President Trump's legal team is unclear. We think it will not include passable only the White House counsel. Of course, he will no longer be the White House counsel as of mid next week, so just a lot of moving pieces. But right now, the bottom line is the impeachment wheels are moving forward. How far forward that how quickly remain unclear, But it does not look like Trump will leave office before the 20th. Nearly every Democrat in the House is expressed support for impeachment, While many Republicans warn it will further divide the country. In the lead up to President elect Joe Biden's inauguration. The FBI is warning of nationwide demonstrations, including armed protesters. Amy Morris has the very latest from our Bloomberg 99. 1 newsroom in Washington The internal FBI bulletin warns of huge rallies starting this Sunday in all 50 state capitals and in Washington, D C. These demonstrations are expected to continue through Inauguration Day. Investigators believe at least some of the participants are part of extremist groups and plan to be armed President. Trump has also son an emergency declaration four D C authorizing the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA to work with the district from now until after the inauguration. In Washington I maybe Morris Bloomberg Daybreak. All right, Amy, thanks. Add another one to the list of White House defections. Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf announced his resignation yesterday. That's adding to confusion around security preparations for the inauguration. Wolf says he'll be replaced by Pete Gaynor, who's currently head of FEMA. Major banks and corporations are also pulling away from the president after last week's deadly riot at the Capitol, and Bloomberg's John Tucker joins us with more in this live report, John Good morning, and Karen sources say Deutsche Bank has decided not to conduct any further business with the president in his company. The bank lent hundreds of millions to his company over the years. Signature bank is closing to the president's personal accounts. In a span of just a few days. Mr Trump has been rejected by Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Washington. We spoke with former HP CEO and Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina. His brand is toxic, and I think that will have real consequences for his businesses. Even as perhaps he continues to have support from some of the Republican Party and some in the nation and Republicans in Congress who tried to overturn Joe Bynes electoral victory are also feeling the heat corporations or value to pull campaign contributions. They include Blue Cross Blue Shield. Marriott International Dow Chemical, Goldman Sachs, an Airbnb just to name a few. John Tucker Bloomberg Daybreak. All right, John. Thank you. The fallout from last week's violence continues in big Tech. Today, Twitter has permanently banned more than 70,000. Q and on accounts. It's the latest move to restrict talk of violence after Apple, Google and Amazon removed parlor from their platforms. Joe Lieber covers US politics for Eurasia Group. I think this is really destabilizing for US politics generally. You're gonna have the big tech companies become the bad guys of the right. While the conservative voices are largely silent, participating in the debate at the choice of these concentrated economic platforms, Twitter says, accounts that post Q and on material will have limited visibility and won't be recommended to others by Twitter. Turning to the pandemic now yesterday, so the number of new cases and deaths ease a bit. That pace of hospitalizations in the Northeast is showing preliminary signs of easing. But White House coronavirus response coordinator Deborah Berke said the system remains under heavy pressure. When you look at what's happening with cases, hospitalizations and our fatality rates We need to increase our diligence right now. Over the over these next 4 to 6 weeks will we very critical. And Dr Burke says it's hard to be optimistic right now. She spoke with chief White House correspondent Kevin So really on Bloomberg Sound on heard weekdays at 5 P.m. Wall Street time on Bloomberg Radio President elect bite and received his second dose of fighters vaccine yesterday and took the moment to echo that concern from Dr Burke's. He also renewed a push for another stimulus package. Get worse. Important Spanish comes we can get somewhere We have to get those Some of my Republican colleagues about being able to move on second package sooner or later. The number of vaccine doses.

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