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Through boyfriend okay i was just trying to send dillon this picture i don't think you can get it up in time over the picture the two of them together frolicking it's the just there will there this is a picture from their hike they went on all did they take sandwiches my instagram delon it's on me they have one of those camelback spring from yes in they had lower romantic stroll but then but then cheat she so willie lives in the neighborhood where's your instagram rf h gina no way you mean willie willie lives in the hood or in your neighborhood our neighbor okay so we walk over they're for played 8 tim willie willie's about as sweden jan toll a dog you could be that really is name or you jing a to protect him no okay all right now but but he's gigantic mmhmm and and he ways a 10 your riley's justin she's just to pop she's just they young thing i wouldn't be encouraging this relationship there are very cute it's good to see how my willie's bidden he's been fixed so they're not they're not having any babies uri they say he's you know rottweilers but an and i need to leave her alone with him like i was sitting in the back yard they were laying and watching everything out she didn't there is no there is no known link claim or or anything by uh but they played really hard and in went home and she was limping for our blood days so i had the vet come over last night and she's got a sprained shoulder so we've got to be in a sling it's it's on my our fates gina only instagram foods can like six pictures in is the picture of brightly in so everybody go there um but no not arm in a sling aspiring but all put put her on anti inflammatory and said no activity keeper away from rottweiler nominees say that because this is words that unlike he's so sweet i don't want anyone to think i'm saying rottweiler dan frosting is look ads x ninety six dot com slash live see she adores him logging.

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