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Woo in gilbert died brave and dime here would my cold's ranked said dope padraig and this is gilbert dodd bridge on may zinc koloss hold podcast where once again recording at not meguid our engineer frankford orosa argh guests this week gives them accomplished director of film and television and one of the most verge said island working knowledgeable laggards of the last six days you've seen amman tv shows like mad about jew tied this rain donovan saturday night live children's hospital the but henry created series waark and thus situation comedy he and she costarring kids longtime spouse all apprentice his film working blue dhs memorable roles in catch twenty two bye columbus west world the last of she alive diary of a madhouse wipe the sunshine boys house cold so love at first by the last married couple in america and these constructing harry or deconstruct all this he's been celebration for his work behind the camera directing popular features such as racine with the moon city he mermaids little nikita the money pit and the film we've discussed at length on this very podcast my favorite year in a long and prolific career he's worked with and alongside george burns said the wadi eight mike nichols walter matthau peter o'toole meld grow sean penn woody allen clint eastwood neil simon steven spielberg shirley maclaine and tom hanks the just name of view and if that was an impressive enough he old so joins us how like group of our guest do i've met the legendary botched keith please welcome to the broadcast one of our favorite actors and a man who once turn me town for off hard enough fill my step mother personnel yet the multi talented rogen benjamin leg you gilbert wended that up and wounded i i it yes i actually went out and audition i think i florida la.

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