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End Alabama 27 3 lead at the half against the hurricane, second half Crimson Tide Still putting points on the board. Rice gets it back pedals into the end zone loads up looks long. He's got Williams and the defense game is it makes the grab in midfield down the right sideline. 40 30 20. 10 5 Touchdown, Alabama 94 yards. Grace Young Jamison Williams Great to hear one of the wonderful voices of college sports Eli Gold. The calls from Clearfield I M G College. Alabama rolling in its season opener 44 13 against the Miami Hurricanes. Young first career started Alabama setting school records. For passing touchdowns with four passing yards with 3 44, both the most ever in school history. In a debut as a starting quarterback, overall young 27 of 38 passing in the victory, his head coach, Nick Saban, I think Bryce did. Really, really well, um, you know, he redirects the protection he plays like a veteran out there. Um, And you know, we had not wanted the one, you know Sinosat, which for which Know something that we don't really don't have, but really run all his holes Fall doesn't get doesn't like detective. Um So, so I was really addressed breast with, uh, the way he played the game, boys that played really well, the command the reality took took planets engaged, gave really directly. The offense was only positive holiday hand way we had We had officer making slaves, slaves third down and down a couple whether it's whether replacing certainly certainly did a great job. Great. All of the right, Right. Right. Right Place Alabama. Head coach Nick Saban Crimson Tide at home in Tuscaloosa next Saturday they will play host to Mercer Number two Oklahoma Sooners at home against Alain Saturday. Remember a game moved from New Orleans to Norman earlier this week due to Hurricane Ida Sooners 23 points in the second quarter. And up 37 14 at halftime Green wave, though holding the Sooners to just three points in the second half, got to within 40 to 35 with just over two minutes remaining, got the ball back ended up turning the ball over on downs. 40 35 turned out to be the final score as as Sooners win their season opener, head coach Lincoln Riley. I think the big things for us are you know we're not gonna We're not gonna apologize for winning. Um, but at the same time we've got to own, you know, the good and the bad, And there was certainly plenty of both, Um, you know, game got off to a little bit of a strange start. Um, you know, upset with the pick, and then they take it down to score and then not quite how you dreamed it up after all these months, and, uh, But then I thought the team did a great job of really responding there throughout the second half, and there were some Third, some flashes of some some really, really good ball. Um and then, you know, second half. I think clearly, you know, our team felt like the game was over. And that's uh you know, that's obviously, uh That's my job, You know, Make sure mentality was right. I don't think it was, um I think we or playing well at that point, and it separated a little bit in the game, and you could just see we weren't quite the same thing coming out. Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley. Sooner kicker Gay Birdcage tied in FBS record three field goals of 50 or more yards, including a career best 56 yarder that came at the end of the second quarter. Spencer Rattler in the Wind for Oklahoma, throwing for 304 yards number seven Iowa State at home Saturday against Northern Iowa. I think the big things for us under center party and he'll give it the whole left side. Priest fighting for the goal line is in touchdown I was states Greece saw with a two yard touchdown, right? Call from Clearfield. AMG College Cyclones three points at the half.

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