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Are still going to fight the decision. Now we WGN sports. Here's David it good morning. Things looked ugly for the Bulls when they dropped their first three games. Turns out they were just warming up since then, all four in one record, including three wins on the road on Lee, the defending champion Lakers won more games away from home. The Bulls came from 20 points down, still trailed early in the fourth quarter before pulling out a 1 11 1 await win. In Portland seven Bulls in double figures, led by Kobe White with 21 points and 10 rebounds. Otto Porter Jr. 19 and 13 and the Bulls are four in four. College basketball continues to struggle with covert 19 Last night's to Paul Villanova game had already been postponed, and Nebraska and Purdue postpone their game last night, West Lafayette and tonight. A Penn State at Ohio State. Georgia Tech at Notre Dame already off in Ohio, beat Northern Illinois 76 73, then the big 10 23rd ranked Michigan State looks too If shaken off. Oh, in three conference start blasting number 15, Rutgers, 68 to 45, Alabama wide receiver Devante Smith captures the Heisman Trophy and a virtual ceremony. He's the first wide receiver to when it since Michigan's Desmond Howard in 1991 and the Bears back to work today, back on the practice field for Sunday's wild card game at New Orleans. Dave at it. W G M Sport Now the forecast from the WGN Chicago Weather Center Piers meteorologist Morgan Cook Mayer. Good morning. Another dense fog advisory in place this morning for almost everybody that does not line the lakefront area. So county's off to the West and South and North west under this dense fog advisory until 10 o'clock in the morning, with that comes areas of patchy fog even closer toward the lakefront temperatures for the most part er down into the twenties and below freezing, so freezing fog, also a concern. In addition to her Boost visibility above all that is a cloudy sky that will stick with today in a few flurries even possible here, especially throughout the morning hours. Temperatures hover near freezing this afternoon with winds east northeast around five MPH. From the WGN Weather Center. I'm working Kottmyer. Wow. These guys right now it's 31 degrees at O'Hare Midway and the lakefront It's 26 in DeKalb 28 Aurora 24 this morning in Valparaiso. Now your money on WGN the opening Bell rings this morning his investors who wait final results of that.

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