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Thank you, Pepsi center. Thirteen forty eight to go in the third period. Three three between the avalanche in the Pittsburgh Penguins. As we mentioned it was three nothing apps at one point faceoff once again Nathan MacKinnon versus Sidney Crosby. And it's one once again by Sidney Crosby a hat trick tonight as he turns the puck over at his own blue line dump down deep amigo rant and we'll give chase with decide by win. Glenn almost has his pocket. Picked by Nathan MacKinnon, Scott gets a free. Now, Mika ranted back for Landis Gog high slot. Here's come standard stepping up. Throws it towards an election. Why McKenna throws it back out in front with a backhand? And it's picked up by Pittsburgh. They'll lock down ice Harry Johnson. Retrieve he has a gold tonight for the avalanche. Your gums the Condor across the red line. Still Eric Johnson. Eric Johnson back and drawing intercepted by Guinea Malkin retreats back in front of his own charging forward. Now your gums, Malcolm. Return passes are sure to side with the body by your Johnson, ams intercept comes gave blindness is a headman and Eric Johnson. Trying to get offer. A James is girls. Soderbergh is just off the bench for the apps will give chase Pittsburgh back and tried to center ice is four down by Patrick right into the skates doa, Brian rust Barbaria will take over. For the Colorado Avalanche twelve and a half to go in the third period. Begins. The red line rims at around Mattiello. Is there hasn't stuck in his states Pearl Soderbergh, Pittsburgh Penguins and the answer about to be shorthanded? And that's not what the doctor ordered by. Any means. Here's the call. Billion under thirty. It is a trip on Carl Soderberg. And a power play for the Pittsburgh Penguins. And I'm always one of those people that I hate. Have it at this time of the game. I haven't heard anything from Malkin. We got Crosby. Right. But these two other guys are over there going. Oh, okay. Let's we a power play now with happe- game APPA period to go. Let's see what we can do as we mentioned the best road. Power play in the National Hockey League games will wanna draw and they'll clear out the center Chris Tang MAC together for Pittsburgh us hassled in zone by JT compro- who will appear law and formation is now underway for Pittsburgh for now for kessel behind Jake Gansel moves assigned kits backward. Chris attain. Right. Half of his sweater is tucked into his breezes plays a back now for Kestler number eighty one. Impasse along the blue line kept in by Tang does towards an election of his stick winder the farm corner center in trying off of Eric Johnson. Scape and down. Jerry onto play now for crystal tank minute twenty Soderbergh's minor eleven thirty nine ago in our third period. The score is tied between the penguins and the Colorado Avalanche. Tang Ganesha's own ver-. Pittsburgh centering try intercepted by Matt Calvert. And now here here here he comes up for the racist. Shorthanded Calvert, but he's caught up with very quickly. And now loses the puck back for J. Gansel was Sidney Crosby Johnson four Guinea Malcolm throws on the brakes back to the point for Chris Liu Tang. Now, it's don't castle making his way down deep shock over the top of the nets exactly what you were talking about a moment ago. Peter now kessel Malkin shot his begged throwing towards the cage dirt aside by an Cole could flinch off of Canada. Now Gansel what collect Malkin go on in the near circle where they intersect pass to the points off the glove crisslow Tang, and it's taught to center ice the ads killers will change after do it quickly is here comes kessel. Said backup for the Pittsburgh Penguins castle back pass to the point near side. Malcolm throws it towards an opposition. Pat, Patrick nemesis. He tries to clear and finally JT comparable. Do the honors with nine seconds to go in the polish ripping penalty kill there was know you got nervous because who had the. They really didn't put any real pressure. Soderbergh comes out of the box, backhand, try by only motto is off the side of the cage. Now, the trying to get an odd, man. Rush away. Mckinnon will lose the puck. Pittsburgh picks. It up centering try is blocked. The sitting on the goal line back out front again. Intercepted by Barbaria. Now, Mika Renton Nathan MacKinnon Iraq racist. It's three onto your day. The MacKinnon complaints it for cockpit. Scott. Shoot. Back. Side. Lately,.

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