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Sports at 25 and 55 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. We got some big news, rob wood for. Yeah, they just finished the masters, John rom closed out his first career victory at Augusta. He shot a three under final round, finishes 12 under for the tournament. It is his second major title. He becomes the third Spanish golfer to win it. And Tiger Woods, he's 25th masters cut short by a re aggravation of a foot injury, his old rival Phil, Mickelson, though, had the best round of the day a 7 under 65 he places second, he becomes a second golfer to earn or becomes the oldest goal for rather to earn a top 5 finish at the masters at age 52 and tied with lefty for second place, Brooks Koepka, who led the middle rounds, but had several bogeys on his final round to settle for runner up status. Now, breaking NFL news out of Baltimore, the ravens have announced they've signed Odell Beckham junior to a one year deal. It's reported reportedly worth up to $18 million, and this is the part where I point out that they still haven't signed the franchise quarterback. Lamar Jackson, who's throwing him past his Anthony Brown, the XFL leading D.C. defenders underway in Seattle, they lead the sea dragons 8 nothing in the early going, getting a touchdown on their opening drive. The shorthanded wizards kept their second straight 35 win season with a one 14 one O 9 lost to the 22 win Houston Rockets with 5 of their top 6 scorers sidelined the Wiz, lost 5 of their last 6 games, but it was an opportunity for Jordan Goodwin to score a career high 22 points and with the loss the wizards hold the 7th best odds to land the number one overall pick in the upcoming NBA draft. Now the warriors are in the playoffs thanks to a one 57 one O one routes of Portland. You heard me right there Ralph, the dub said in NBA record with 55 first quarter points. So even if they did not score at all in that quarter, they still would have won. That's insane. The nationals denied a series win in Colorado. They lose a back and forth 7.6 game to the rockies. The Orioles dropped a three game series to the Yankees with a 5 three loss today. Rob woodwork WTO sports. Can we talk ravens for a quick second? Please. Lamar Jackson said he wanted to leave the team. He wanted to be traded. Yeah. Do you think this is going to change that equation? I don't think it's going to change his mind because you have to give the man his money. Looks like they want. They should have given him a receiver long before now and a guy who's definitely younger and less injured. I mean, am I right? They don't want to give Lamar's money because of injuries, so you're going to go sign a guy who's coming off a torn ACL in the Super Bowl before last. Okay. All right. I see you ravens. Thank you very much. Again, rob wood fork covering the sports page. It is 7 27. We've got traffic and weather just ahead. Providing healthcare to people who need it most. That's the simple but powerful purpose behind Doctors Without Borders. We treat wounded people in war zones. Careful malnourished children. And provides safe reproductive healthcare. We're on the ground in emergencies from Ukraine to Afghanistan. We put patients first. And we go where we're needed most.

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