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Very core truck science must remain independent. This means we don't accept sponsorships. Is With. The support of the drug sounds community. We're able to do this and make the podcast in the first place. If you're able to become a drug science community member and support the show you two will be supporting the dissemination of evidence based drug policies without you. None of this will be possible. For anybody interested, there's a link in the show notes. Thank you. Hello, and welcome to the drug science podcast with me David. Here bringing together, experts and activists for a rational, honest and informed conversation about. A Productions podcast for drug science. Welcome to another drug. Hans podcasts I'm David, nuts and Today my guest is professor. Jerry Stinson and Jerry's old friend of mine. We started working together pushing twenty years ago on the government. Foresight Project Drunk Science Addiction and drugs. I realized then that he was one of the most knowledgeable people about drugs and Don harm reduction that I've ever met. And so today I'm going to chat with him about his fascinating career and the contrast between the success he had in persuading got politicians around harm reduction with HIV. And, some of the more interesting challenges met more recently trying to persuade people that harm reduction for tobacco is an equally viable and. Powerful alternative so welcome Jerry. It. Great to be talking to you and well. Why don't you just give the the audience a little bit of? Your background and you know the origins of your interest in harm reduction. Yes, well as you said, predates interest in Tobacco Bataille interested in drug SOM- reduction back in the late nineteen eighties. Nineteen nineties when we were faced with potential epidemic of HIV infection in particular monks, people reject drugs so. Cold, in Fatty by the Department of Health's to evaluate the new stage sits because they need to with the truck Pinkel. They work with the help to drive down prevalence providence veg of a rise in some. Sense this massive evaluation project with significance over the years since then I I spent I started off as crazy cola extend themselves, but over the years I became a college carrying harm reductionist, because I saw the success of reduction programs, a success neither exchange, the success of provided Methadone as critical tentative to heroin and by Extension Prevention overdosing Song, and this is with a population. You take wouldn't be amenable to change,.

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