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Good when you have somebody who says this is the law we're enforcing the law this is the way the world disposed work and it's going to work this way as long as i'm here screw oh my god what was the last time we had that i can't remember all right when we come back what are the big washington dc stories of the day concerns the special prosecutor robert muller who announced today some indictments the role russians and the stories actually a hoot we'll get to annex john and ken kfi debra mark has new rate crash on the ten freeway in reality show has killed at least five people away at a big rig traveling wept foul on arm and our fate pan approach in riverside avenue we don't know why but the vehicle crossed into that you found laying siege the officer brian alvarez says the semi slammed into at least four other vehicles this afternoon including looting a motorcycle in some caught fire the freeway was shut down in both directions alvarez's westbound lanes could reopen soon but eastbound lanes will be closed into the night mike o'brien the kfi and the sky will have more on this in his traffic report which is coming up in a few minutes a powerful earthquake has shaken south in central mexico the us geological survey put the quake's preliminary magnitude now at seven point two and said its epicentre was just over ten miles from the coast and the state of oaxaca it was felt more than two hundred miles away in mexico city people they are ran out of buildings in office towers there is no word yet on damage a magnitude seven point one earthquake in central mexico in september killed two hundred twenty eight people in the capital and three hundred sixty nine across the region several construction workers have been hurt in a fall in north hollywood any basked men with the la.

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