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On a second. I got my headphones wrapped up but this disaster beautiful disaster so phone cord syndrome. headline On the twitter. I think it was andy. Mccarthy of national review tweeted out this is the day. The afghanistan story officially ended september second and he showed headlines on the front page of the washington post new york times and they had moved on to Hurricane coverage and texas abortion law coverage and so the nonstop afghanistan coverage had come to an end. And i have a feeling that that you know there's going to be stories. Show up here and there on fox news and here in the new york times. We'll have articles about it because there are plenty of reporters who have friends or people. They've come to no one afghanistan but they won't be front page anymore. I i think the story is gonna go away. I don't want that to be true. But i think it is going to be true. And then you've got congressman mccall. Who's the republican leader on the foreign relations committee talking about what is happening in afghanistan right now. Executions are taking place where getting videos coming on stories of interpreters Being blocked by the taliban they had a perimeter around the airport itself the temperatures can get through that perimeter. Most americans did some got blocked by our own. Us government at the airport state department. Holy failed in this evacuation and we had to rely on groups like operation. Taskforce's like pineapple and dunkirk. Who i implore the state department to work with to help get these. Americans in interpreters left behind out but the retaliations been severe chris stories of interpreters being taken home to their families and watching their wives and families being beheaded executed before they execute the interpreter. This is not a newnham fruit taliban. This is the same ole taliban the reverting back to the same brutal practices and those stories can be backed up by all kinds of stories if you're following in whatever publication. You want their stories out there that show that that is happening. Here's your secretary of state though. And what he says is happening. We've also engaging with the taliban this topic including in recent hours. They said that they will let people with travel documents freely depart. We will hold them to that. So you're still going with the we're gonna hold up. No you're gonna hold the raw holding there. We're going to hold them to their promises. How who who are you trying to kid with that talk. I would like to know who that's four. Cbs reported over the weekend. Multiple flights are being held on the ground at the mazaar-i-sharif airport in northern afghanistan by the taliban. Cbs reported an email from the state department to members of congress. That cds saw acknowledged that charter flights are still on the ground at the airstrip and and are being held with americans us citizens and and others that we were hoping to get out in. The taliban is demanding various things before the let the flights go there are holding ostriches. You know. I have a feeling at the root of all of these stories is a chess. Game played over the question of international aid in the unfreezing billions of dollars of assets because the taliban is absolutely desperate for that transfusion of cash. Or they're going to have just a humanitarian nightmare on their hands which is gonna make it. Hold ardor hold onto power at the same time you know. I hope we've got something stronger going than anthony. blinken saying. We expect you to keep your promises. I mean because obviously there are brutal brutal death cult that will do whatever they think is is right for their own power so i hope he's exerting some sort of pressure on them well they constantly talk about the leverage we have. I heard somebody Say over the weekend. We have leverage over. The taliban is code for we can write them a giant check. That's our leverage. You mean technically that's leverage but you you extorting something out of me and me having the thing to give to. You doesn't mean i have leverage. That's not the way people normally look at that relationship rial technically it's leverage but so is it possible. Behind the scenes anthony blinken having found testicles perhaps borrowed them said look you turn people loose at That northern airstrip or you get no international money and the taliban sane you're right it's a big check or those people aren't getting close and now we're just staring each other down and i go back to what i said a couple of weeks ago. Remember it was an idea came to me in the shower. And i wonder why that couldn't have been done then or why couldn't be done now that i actually like to ask mike lines about this or some military. Why couldn't president biden and he doesn't need to say this out loud but he could say it behind the scenes before be forcing now. Here's the deal. Let all the americans go. All the americans get to drive right to the airport and get on a plane and leave right now. Everybody that's got. Us citizenship. If you don't. I'm going to dedicate the rest of my presidency to wiping you off the face of the earth. I don't care. If i don't get reelected i don't care how many troops i have to send in. I don't know if you understand the way our system works. But i'm the commander in chief. And i get to do whatever i want. And this is what i'm going to i'm gonna wipe you off the face of the earth. If you don't let everybody go right now. i don't care what it does to me politically. Why wouldn't that work. I don't know i would love it. I would love to see it. I hit a whole dirty harry. Make my day thing. And i'm not saying this to be a tough guy or masculine and i just think it would work. That's the only language these people understand. That would get the most people out. Is the most quickly so yeah. I think we're say listen. Listen we got five cruise missiles for every american life and we got a pretty good count of them right now of course. The count is highly suspect these days but anyway yeah yeah tell them. We're the most powerful military in the world. we will bring unholy hell upon you. If you don't start cooperating now and one of the reasons. I think this would work. You brought this up a couple of weeks ago I was rereading it. Over the weekend we pulverized the taliban in ninety days almost exactly twenty years ago after nine eleven. We went in there and ninety days. They were begging for mercy. They were wanting to negotiate with us. Some sort of settlement because they realize they weren't going to get wiped off the face of the earth and We didn't want to take any deal they had. In retrospect that might have been a good idea since they're now in charge of the country they know what we can do and they have reacted in the past. They're not completely a death cult in the way that al qaeda might be they to like live.

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