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As far as I understand this. Correct me if I'm wrong, you share all the relevant. Details of your case, you shall you share basically what you have to say about the bridge gate matter and then two weeks later, he says thanks, but I'm not going to represent you anymore. I have a conflict and you never hear from him again. So if I could just kind of play. Explain a little bit more how that happens. So on January eighth Email came out. I was driving to work. I was told not to come into work. I had tried to read I reached out to all my superiors trying to figure out like what's happening. This is insane. Like it. Just nothing was making sense. Because conversations prior to that everything's gonna be fine. You're you're good. Don't worry about it. So things weren't playing out the way I had been told they were expected to so I didn't go to work that's eight. But I couldn't go home. And because my house was covered with media. I mean, it was it was horrible. You were national news everywhere in the country. Yeah. Yeah. And so not fun. And so I went to my parents and their house their whole street was covered. So I called my aunt. And I said I need to come to your house. I need to go somewhere. And I was shaking. I mean, I was petrified. I go to my aunt's. And my phone's ringing off the hook with all sorts of stuff and my Email address by the ways on national news for John Kelly who dot com, so I was getting horrible emails. Whatnot. So I get a message from I didn't I wasn't answering the phone, obviously. Because all these numbers it was nine seven three Moorestown number, and I listened to the message, and it was Bridget. This is Wally important. I was told to give you a call. I'm gonna Turney. There's some people worried about you. And we wanna make sure you're okay, please. Give me a call. So it was early afternoon. So I go downstairs, and I said to my mom and dad because I'm at my aunt's house now and the kids we got home from school and everything I said, oh, I said an attorney just called me because I don't know if I need a criminal Turney. I've never I've never I don't know. And so he said he was a criminal defense attorney, and or defense attorney, and I said to my mom, you know, he said on the message that people are worried about me and that he was told to give me a call. She goes. Just mother's intuition. And so I called so he must be left. Another message. I finally called him back. And he told me that he had spoken to Michelle Brown who was one of the governor's closest associates, and that she and others were worried about me and knew that I was going to need an attorney and he'd like to help me out. And so I was like, oh, okay. This is great. I mean, I didn't know. So I went and met with him a day or two later. It was the he negotiated the whole I wanted to resign because I thought I should be afforded that opportunity because I was saying he they wouldn't let me resign. So on the morning of nine new that. That then chief brand new chief counsel, Chris Perino and palm eighty who is now on the third circuit court of appeals. They called me and told me I was terminated in that I was not to I had to turn off my phone all that kind of stuff turn everything in. And so then while I said, why don't we meet the following day? So I think that was a Thursday. And or perhaps it was a Friday. I'm it was the Friday. So I go down to Newark, and I meet him and my brother came with me. And my brother said, you know, if you were kind of told to give my sister or call, how do we know you have you have Bridget's best interest? Promise you I do. I do I do. I also said to Wally the first time, we spoke, I said, I googled you. And you're on the election law enforcement commission, if we have to appear before the legislative committee, how can you represent me?.

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