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Come and dan punched about. Oh he can get guests. And the i've appeared on we dependent relationship friendship and the and which at the time was just to get back to him was to get get paid show and they take revenge for lunch connecticut athletes and and stages and very very hard caliber and able and we as the great until the shower news. I have interesting conversations for that. Nice nice that's gonna how you got into it The podcast the genie. What i guess. The question is what makes what will continue as opposed to a need. Any other cost us. What what what. What makes you stand at the go-to person named personal because many people of come across in my failed with india honest. And there's a few paper that in type it is mandated you. Us vice industry at this moment in time because of the size of the us compared to the uk. And i think it comes down to people. Whose transportation would america have a have a long commute work and i also have to Apple and android devices built into the dashboards. Never able to get poke cost for that side is easier for them to be able to get these communica. Obviously within the Well within the county now we are saudi catching up with with focused tonight already available. Pay police in on that. And i also use them when when they're in in about the house say lot night even joking in the gym side some is ready available for every young guy Somewhat i guess what's being you being the most standard thing that says for you. They show that the biggest success back all the biggest surprise on property the surprise really was and reaching out to different people at somebody long south and not celebrity note from a big entrepreneurial background or anything like that reaching out to these people and always back boy the nighttime for propo- cost busy schedule would be open to give that thailand. Get back to pay to get the listeners that these costs hats and but aside and it has been a roller coaster is in the already out but as well so ask relationships with as well as of of going alone and and cow Friendly caused community as a whole. I if someone wants to once again touchy either the thinking. Hey this guy to help me on the podcast. All the thinking. I need this guy to help me. Get people into podcast. What's the best way for them to get in touch with you so I'll have a website. Which is www toe poke caused janey dope case and also have a facebook page which stays on facebook and connect with me on my facebook profile. Page mornington cry foul page in cool so that the website again was podcast. Genie dot.

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