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Yeah rampage is the rock movie all did you like it was good but it was pretty good was good stuff wasn't bad but yeah rampage the big grill thing going on there yeah okay yeah it's it's interesting to see our future president movie roles oh man i mean it's it's not funny because could happen he's a heck of a singer mwana as we learned oh yeah right right i can only imagine was number three this is a good movie it's a i find my wife and i saw that over the weekend and it need thirteen point eight million it's been out two weeks in his made thirty eight million only costs seven to make this is a christian movie that's lighting up the movie theaters it's really good it's about have you ever heard of the band mercy me yeah it's christian ben chris rock band i was only familiar with their christmas music but i've since discovered they've got a lot of really good music really good and it's the lead singers story which is pretty compelling yeah pretty compelling so that's a really good one to see kind of you know energizes you about christianity and what we can be we don't we don't have to put up with you know the least common denominator society we we could maybe aspire to something better and here's a memo to hollywood people go to watch those movies no kidding i mean and there's another one i think there's another one coming out this weekend.

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