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February second third gestures is going to be there corey lewandowski is going to be the current was on the show yesterday and i gotta tell you i have nothing to do about it he had such a squarely connection i don't know where he was calling from olives in a car britannia that thing going on where the phones kind of going in and out and we did the best we could we got a really good segment out of it this second segment he was kicked off at the uh the folk connection drop just boom done so watch a shame because i had a couple more questions on axiom uh but you're gonna hear him tell la everything about his is books got his new book is let trump trump you'll be talking about the campaign runup to campaign all of the accomplishments of president donald trump and a bunch of other stuff it's all happening next weekend february second and third and of course on the fourth that's where you get the secret handshake the real secret hinchey as to how and go out how how you can go out and become an operative a serious a miracle loving conservative operative how you can do things to picked on communism strong down if they're gonna say it like that but that's how i look to each other globalist acts that donald trump was taken down written on davos so while this is all going to be happening next weekend the second and third february registration starts at four p m and somebody asked yesterday uh let me see if i still got an on my phone now the lovely mishaan chimed in and told me that the yes indeed you can register onsite ons if i have it in for somebody said can we go there without registering ahead i go i deleted in any way apparently you can but it's going to be more expensive i think is going to be like a hundred bucks if you just go there at the door i think i hope on that screwing it up for anybody knows anything about that i'll let me know for right now just get over to uh battle crime michigan dot com battle cry michigan.

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