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Been meeting up with top shareholders there, being on insurance is one of them, and it's been pushing restructuring, Tucker doesn't seem to be all that nervous, pretty calm about the upcoming annual general meeting. In the stock of HSBC has been firm of late, the earnings came out pretty strong this week and yesterday we traded higher by a third of 1%. And that is, you check markets. Headline news with Ed Baxter in San Francisco. All right, thank you, Brian, Iran has seized a second oil tanker in less than a week. Iran's Islamic revolutionary guard navy corps intercepting a Panamanian flag tanker in the Strait of Hormuz. Another mass shooting in the U.S., Atlanta, Georgia, one person fatally shot at least four others injured midtown medical building suspects still at large, Brazil's former president jair Bolsonaro has denied any wrongdoing after federal police searches, Brasília home in a case about alleged alteration of COVID-19 vaccinations. Bipartisan group of United States senators has come together to work on enhancing U.S. competition capabilities against China, technology sharing curbs, investment curves, provide an alternative to China's belt and road and protect Taiwan against Chinese aggression. As the U.S. tries to intensify efforts to keep India on its side, the rivalry with China, it stay in quiet on human rights. Global news powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts and over 120 countries in San Francisco, I'm Ed Baxter and this is Bloomberg. Let's get you sports now, but Bloomberg's Dan Schwartzman, Dan. Wow, another record for a Manchester City star, huh? I mean, this guy is just flat out ridiculous and, you know, the first man city does flew back at top of Premier League a three nil win at the Etihad over West End. Here's a story Ellen Holland scoring his record 35th league goal that breaks the tie to the great Alan Shearer and Andrew Cole for most goals in a season. The 22 year old has already

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