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Region's only local news podcast, the DMV download today. WTO at 5 28 traffic and weather on the 8s now, let's go back to Jack and the traffic center. I had a couple things happening in Maryland will start on the beltway where we've improved greatly inner loop south of town coming in from two ten still without delay now riding across the Woodrow Wilson bridge. There was an earlier wreck, the local lanes on the bridge no longer there, no longer any flashing lights of the delay gone. Now you'll find there's a wreck in college park on the outer loop at route one. That has been moved over safely onto the left shoulder. The outer loop ramp to go west on 50, the John Hanson highway, single vehicle went into the wall along the left side of the roadway, equipment is headed to the scene as we speak. No worries yet, 95 over toward Georgia avenue should find your travelings open, no good dear, good to go out of Frederick on two 70 south, headed down toward the lane divide. A little bit of a delay building, Baltimore, Washington Parkway headed northbound just before one 98 word of a broken down vehicle in the roadway along the right side. Now you're in good shape in Virginia on the greenway and the Dell is toll road, 66 is fine east head of Gainesville, no troubles yet, 95 out of Fredericksburg through woodbridge. Good ride on three 95, leaving Springfield, headed toward the inbound 14th street bridge. We're a little busier, going inbound on sulan Parkway heading toward for a Sterling, slow exit off of north I two 95 to go inbound on the 11th street bridge, no delay yet, D.C. two 95 south down toward Pennsylvania avenue, and an early trip looks good on New York avenue going inbound northeastern to northwest. On the rails, the reminder, Mark Penn line trained 5 O 5, running with a 15 minute delay, but pen line trained four O three was canceled, you'll be accommodated by Mark train four O 7, scheduled to depart in 5 minutes. Save 15% on all long fence decks, pavers, and fences. Financing is available for qualified buyers. Go to long fence dot com today and schedule your free in home estimate. Jack taped their WTO P traffic. Our forecast now with Chad Merrill. Another day of rain across the WTO listening area, The Rain will taper to sprinkles there later this morning and a couple of spots could have a few glimpses of sunshine

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