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I'm not going to run up and down your catalog but when you when you did perpetual motion which I again I think it's almost that's almost twenty years ago that was classical married with blue grass and again who else came up with that idea I'm going to throw one at your memory any flat which I think is a wonderful piece of music your homage to Tchaikovsky nobody was doing that with the instrument you are playing and I I just wonder where the seed for that came for you that album to me is the is the straight classical out actually won a Grammy for best classical album but which is crazy to do on a band of it they call the contemporary classical I would say it's a traditional class go out because it was the works of Bach if you're talking about was the check out and they were that Beethoven on there that was so Scarlatti and it was really neat transcribing those pieces but I got to play with some of the great classical music and musicians in the world and I got to play on a banjo when I try to do something I tried with the best people I can I I get the mess around with Indian music with with like your Hussein you know doing the great Indian players in the world and any chance I get to play with you know the C. Correa he regularly as a duo and to me that's like come to very much on.

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