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Again everything checks. South is really no need to Josh Jacobs. In harm's way I know he wants way of the warrior and he's going to try to play but you know he's a long range asset that needs to be productive As much as it received these guys hungry to play like Jonathan Abrams. Out there And he's on the sidelines watching each game. At man he is just as involved. I think on the sideline as he would be trying to motivate his team as if he were in the game So when we look at the defensive side there's a couple of key injuries that had happened Against the chargers particularly trayvon Molin who left on a stretcher lamarcus joyner left with a calf injury the he never came back into the game once. He exited out. So what do we know about those two for right now and again. We are recording on Thursday morning. So for anybody listening like we already know what's happening will stay. Morning is where we're at right now. So what do we know. Is that Thursday morning here. Fannie on Trayvon Mullen are not much really I mean. He Jawbone traveled home with the With the raiders on Sunday Thankfully you know after that That they get that he chuck You know that knocked him out of the game and forced to leave the field on a stretcher so you know everything obviously is checking out To the odds of that means for him Sunday not too sure are that steady played a really. It was a really good game again on Sunday. And I think the the raiders are really really pleased with the progress of their young quarterback out of and that's important because again and we've talked about this You know in in other episodes this was such approach a year of trying to assess young players and guys like Trayvon Mullen really step up the way he has an answer. Some questions and you know talk about Josh Jacobs Max Crosby Cleveland. Farrell had at a sack on on Sunday against the chargers and he's been playing well all in more limited in some limited snap situations but playing well guys are really stepping up and and that bodes so well our hunt around for how around pro e either on Sunday against the chargers. So you know. That's that's in the in the game within the game for the raiders and where they are in the process of rebuilding their roster so important to you get contributions from these young guys who can really solidify positions moving forward which will allow the raiders to bill other holes come draft time and so we mentioned a little bit about the first week at this matchup. Where the Raiders won twenty four to sixteen against the broncos but they were also facing Joe FLACCO ALLOCCO at quarterback? Now they have surging drew lock. WHO's three and one in his first few starts here with the broncos? So would we look at drew. Lock at health is defense. Wants needs prepare for him. What kind of differences? Miles do you see between Flocco Andrew. Lock at the helm of the broncos team. Well I think first of all Drew Lock because somebody that can move around a little bit. He can make a couple of plays with his legs but he also just look I. Joe FLACCO was kind of like a statue. You know what I'm saying like. He's kind of quarterback that I don't think has ever necessarily been that Kaplan That you really want out of a QB and yes. He has won a super bowl. And I know that the whole is Joe Flacco will ethan was mean but I just think that there's a high ceiling on drew lock and I think you've seen it in a couple of games that he's played in. That games played against the Texans. He was he was electric. You know he was kind of lights out there so there are some things that he can do now. I think looking at the game that he played against Kansas City and And those those were some tough conditions in the snow and everything that that I think you may be would say all right. That's a team. That's that's a guy that's going up against a defense offense that can challenge you pretty well but I think when you look at what the raiders have done over the course of this season there haven't really challenged many people defensively. I think that they did last last week. In terms of stopping the run game. But then you'll get Philip rivers and he's just washed you know. I think he is probably definitely on probably the back two or three of his his career as opposed to the back nine. So there's a lot that I think drew lock can do is going to be playing at home. He's GonNa try GONNA be trying to really go into the off season on a high note uh-huh say In releasing a message. I think that the Broncos don't have to go after another quarterback this off season so he's going to be motivated and I think the raiders there's going to be pretty motivated defensively as well but it's just tough for them to stop people consistently so we're going to have to see if the raiders can do something to Confuse Hughes Young quarterback R I S. We start to wrap things up here. Vinnie what do you see. Is the key to the game. And how the Raiders Campbell off a win here with kind of all these different conditions like we talked about the weather we talked about. You know maybe there is adjusted ABS are the injuries that have filed up. How are the raiders? Win this game or win. The turnover Over battle I uh they take care of the ball And maybe you know forced an interception from the broncos young quarterback the actor. Run the ball. you know and and and and and Derek Carr it needs to be efficient I think that I think this again. They can win. Actually actually I. I really believe that they have to play Effectively and efficiently GonNa stay away from the of turnovers from penalties his You know run the ball and and obviously utilize Hunter Renfro And Media Game from Darren Waller You know Oh planning off of a hundred fro- But this is a winnable game and I think that the raiders are already play another. Banged up I know it's going to be cold. It's not what were Derek Carr would probably prefer ending. The season of this is a situation. Where guys have to step up and it starts with a quarterback? You didn't even really see many targets the wide receivers and so when that happens. And you're not even targeting outside you really limit yourself as to what you can do inside as well because those targets August to the outside can help open up things for guy like Darren Waller so that could be something to even just because you're able to get the ball renfro last week while now. Maybe this week you know. The Denver broncos showed a hundred Renfro entira Williams away. And that's going to open things up a little bit more for Darren Waller so that could be a good sign but I agree with any. It's GonNa come down to what the quarterback can do can Derek Carr get over the hump with these struggles in the cold weather. And that's the biggest question if he answers answers it with a no aren't going to be able to win. If he is able to go out there be efficient. And I think GRUDEN IS GONNA put together probably pretty good game plan of things that can make Derek Carr very uncomfortable in terms of getting short passes going. Maybe some screen to the outside. You know maybe we'll see another tight end screen or to these. Things are things that I think. You can get the quarterback comfortable with and also it's going to depend on. What can the run game do? Can you stay in these third and three third and four situations as opposed to third and seven or longer her. So that you're not allowing the guy like von Miller to tee off and come up and come up got so there's GonNa be a lot that goes into it. Obviously but yeah if their car can answer the questions. Can you play in the cold with a yes finally than that's GonNa spill good things. I think for the raiders in their in their offense and their chance to win a general all right. Let's get into the final scores. I met I started off. 'cause I always go last so I think that I. It's going to be a loose lowering. Affair and Medicare the broncos. Seventeen on the raiders. Thirteen broncos win it anybody you get. I'm going to be optimistic. For the Raiders of the big game. And I'M GONNA say they're GonNa win this game by twenty four to twenty one miles. Also Salal take a three point margin. But I'm going to go with the raiders. Twenty two seventeen. I think they win and I think that there is a chance that we see them in Kansas City Plan the chief says the sixteen pay. There is a chance guys. They're saying there's a chance so that'll do it for us year Vegas Nation and again presented to you by S. T. N.. Sports Mobile from station. Casinos we'll be back with your with the game preview after the game on Sunday and with the sense of optimism. mm-hmm isn't going around the room. And say it's GonNa be fun recap that we're GONNA have a great time by game. I come back to you with a glowing report so to catch every game. Recap can't make sure that YOU CHECK OUT VEGAS NATION DOT COM download. The biggest nation APP and fight does on any platform that you listen to your podcast and on your social media platforms as well L. AT VEGAS nation. Find us all on twitter. Byles as Simmons at any bonsignore. I am at Heidi paying for both of the guys. Thank you so much for listening. We'll be back on Sunday..

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