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Wait to see these guys iraq and pod. Yeah it's gonna be cool and Yeah you know so now. We got to new songs from them that we've heard they're also going to do a handful of tesla songs at the pre party concert so now he's gonna be going to be cool to hear some of the songs we haven't heard yet to so if i know anything about tommy ski. If they're playing some tesla songs mine pretty much guarantee. It's going to be the heavier side. A tesla that night. I want to hear some psychotic supper material for sure man. I'm looking forward to that. And these guys and what a great band like you said we've heard two songs already. They're both just killer. The new one. Like i said it's called fate. It's available to check out right now. It's got a really cool video but man. The song is what really blew me away is how good it is man. They're singer is just kick ass band man the drums sewn just stellar on this new song and everything about it is what i love about. Rock music so yeah resistant bite. People get excited because rock and roll is definitely alive and well in twenty twenty one. This band is one of the many that are out there proven it. You wanna play. The new resistant might song on the way out. We should definitely play it on the way out. So then you can go check out the video after you go holy shape. These guys are right. This song is killer. But i guess before we wrap up. We should give the updates on everybody you know. We haven't really had a chance on the show to talk about gary corbett. You follow us on the socials. You know what's going on. But gary had a problem and a bad problem you know and he elated himself in the hospital and people gathered together. They put together go fund me our friend tyson. Leslie did that. Ron jones from the let rip podcast. I say it right this time. I did say right this time. See ron i do love you. And he got a hold of us and we've been talking to gerry. sister mindy. Who is just the sweetest nicest lady you'd ever wanna meet. And everybody's just showing so much love for gary. The go fund me took off like a rocket and you know what to see the porn and love for that guy it just warms my heart and the last word is is that we talk to mindy and she told us that he had cancer in his long and that he had gone to his brain. And that's not good but then we just got the word today that after his treatments that he has gone through already the tumor in his brain that they thought was there. It's gone now. Yeah one step closer. Gary corby getting better but man he still needs our help that go fund me is still out there if you want to contribute even bach. You know cares. Everything adds up and everything helps you know. Help us help out. Gary corbett you know him. We love him. He's a great friend of the show. We make up excuses. Used to have them back on. We've come up with new concepts so like how can we have gary back on. We've talked about this and we've talked about that. Let's make up a reason to have. Gary come back eventually. Going to do the heavier side of debbie gibson just to have him on since he played with craig smith will love that one keyboard. Riffs cindy lauper but now it's Pleased yeah please donate to the go fund me and one thing i have noticed i wanna say this i. You know some people in the comments section and it's a valid point. You wanna make where they're like. Jean paul could like fill this go fund me with the with a snap their fingers. Yeah that's fine. But let's not wait around for gene and paul to do this guys. Let's throw in some money and help me out here and a lot of people have already done that in men are hats off to you if you have thank you so much for what. You're doing to help our friend. Gary you know he's a friend of yours because he's a friend of rock and for us to be able to get together and help him out. Man i know it means the world to him and his family and it means the world dos as well so yeah look him up on the gofundme me gary corbett and toss him a few bucks if you can. I know if if you're kiss fan you know this guy helped bring a little joy on that hot in the shade tour you know you. Can you can help him out to got to update rock and ron to man. Our good friend are awesome. Dude that runs desperately geek. Tv us you know. He's got some stuff going on as well a man. When it rains it pours sometimes. And we all been hoping. And praying. The best farrakhan ron you know he joins us on friday nights for friday night. Live khazar are. He's not going to be joining us this friday night because he's got some treatments of his own going on you know. And everybody's rallied around him as well. You know it. It makes me feel so good this community that we've helped create you know to make people friends all over the world with fellow rock and rollers and so many people love rock. and ron. i knew that first time when he came on. And we did. Beat the geek. I said to myself this guy is a star. And i was right. People love rock and ryan. You know so. Thank you to everybody. Sending well wishes for ron. We ran. If you're listening to this brother we love you. And we're all in your corner baby. We wanna see you get better to you. And gary corbett man. We want to see both turn this around and we can't wait to have you guys on the show when it's all said and done because we can talk about it because you guys can be rock and roll. Inspirations to other people that have health issues to stuff to go through and proof that the power rock and roll and the power love and friendship can carry you through times like this and you know we love you guys a lot and praying for you. Everybody loves rock. And ron. everybody loves gary corbett stewart. We can keep showing these guys the love and get them back and fighting shape and get them back on the show with us. And i and i've said doron before on a commented on both true the way he's handled this the the spirit in which he's gotten through all this and stayed positive. Ron's my fucking hero man. I shied love. How how he just continues to fight and keeps his head positive emotions going through a really tough battle. Just just love him. And you know. Want want ron and gary to both be around for many many years to come amen to that so there you have it. That's your episode of despera- geek bringing you the new noise this week. Sorry we're a little late but we're doing our best rock and pods coming up right around the corner. Oh here's a cool piece of news. Remember way back when we told you. We're partnering up with pantheon podcasts. Yeah that's really paid off because now pantheon is a huge part of rock and pod as well yep they are now the title sponsor for the event. I'm excited to work with those guys. Yeah we're very proud to be a part of pantheon podcasts. As are all the other music podcasts. That that group supports. Get out there and check them. All pantheon podcasts. They got hold great. Roster were part of it so that's a good thing for you because you know that if we're a part of it there's other great shows on there as well so check out their roster. I'm sure you're gonna find all kinds of stuff you love. We love pantheon podcast and we love you guys but for this week. That's going to wrap it up. So we're getting out of here with some resistant bite. Let's some new music from resistant. Bite get the hell out of here..

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