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Whole. Excited with his baseball. He is pretty good. Normally do is I I tend to be a little more conservative. I don't I don't know if I would lay one twenty five to go under seven and a half when I can get even money to go under seven the reason being is that there's only one number in which that affects you and that's the number seven at the game land seven. Yeah, you're a winner. If you laid the Judean played under seven and a half, you push if you played if you played the under seven on the other end of the game lands on six year winter either way if the Gamla has the game lands on eight you're a loser. Either way. So you're playing just arguably when when I play under seven at even money, I'm playing really on that one number. Yeah. Well, here's the thing. Andy, Iskoe you sound like a crab dealer trying to con me and only seven's the bad number don't worry about. Yeah. Thanks. You know, how many people lose their ass when the seven comes up on a craps table. So we're not taking your advice. We're laying the one twenty-five Michelle needs Zafran games. It's going to land on seven four to three. Red Sox four to one. But you go. Okay. So we're we're in Aaron Iskoe says sixty two it's kind of like the run line in baseball. The only the only time it comes into play is one of the game lands with the favorite winning by exactly one run. Every other time you are often better taking the plus price laying the run the half. Then. Laying a price at the plus one and a half. Michelle you've won five or your last seven, but you lost last week. So let's get back on the winning track for a while though. Maryland wasn't a bad pick. It just didn't pan out in the end by Maryland never panned out on the munsters either. But she meant well, great stuff, Michelle. We'll talk to you next week next week. Final break coming up right now. Sports X radio as we come back with Mr. Steve, and Andy Iskoe going through the NFL and also get a take on one of the big college games because I know which side pheasants on. So we'll get says is go to debate one of the big SEC games coming up on Saturday afternoon talk. I think we may be on opposite sides. Steve is on. Okay. We'll find out sports X radio on the new one zero one five FM seven twenty AM on your home for raider football, raiders and Seahawks coming up ten o'clock.

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