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Such quite busy people again eager to be back in Los Angeles reporting live in LA X. Craig figure can extend seventy newsradio its level five traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the five year for expense in south Philly on the went in North Adams we got a two car fender Bender that's going to be in the fast lane you already slowing down from M. L. Katie Boyle heights ten west connector the five south it's right at the end of the connector road was for a car in a box truck smashed together the middle lane of the transition is blocked that's affecting the five south that's going to be backed up from the one ten in Highland Park went himself before your two right lanes are closed fixing downed power pole after an earlier accident still sting delays from just south of orange Grove and chance worth the one eighteen west past to paying a canyon a rack in the fast lane is going to back you up before to paying a canyon of looks like they're running a traffic break right now to try to get that all over to the right shoulder because to me said the southbound fifty five transition the four oh five north close for emergency Caltrans works in your backup from macarthur next report at eleven fifteen with more reports more often I'm Rick Smith in the toilet of Glendora twenty four hour traffic center can extend seventy newsradio currently fifty five degrees in van Nuys sixty one in Huntington beach fifty seven in downtown LA eleven oh six this is most back on Monday your number one source for business and consumer news here in southern California sponsored by opus bank I'm Frank Bocek a week of extreme volatility and losses with the stock market in reaction to an avalanche of news.

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