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You're listening to Saturday night this circle on ninety three W. Y. P. C.. it is. in Indianapolis and we're glad you could join us for their show lots to cover this week believe it or not from news of the weird to news that you need to hear intelligence whistle blower tattle tailing on trump Trudeau covered in black face just a whole heck of a lot going on building Kamio leaving the race you know channel canelo yeah helicopter in genitalia don't want to miss that I mean you know any time you can hear about the male copulatory organ helicopter into somebody's hands that's a conversation you need to hear and you'll hear it on Saturday night on the circle where on your host Ethan Hatcher and I'm joined by today professor of political science at the university of Indianapolis now right now going on on the circle is something very very cool it's called the kind harvest is hosted by the mid west food bank over five hundred people are gathered being served gourmet farm fresh food right on monument circle all in an effort to raise money for charity and feed the homeless and hungry the needy in Indiana and around the Midwest and I think that is a glorious glorious terrible organization and a because well worthy to donate and contribute to it's good it's good to see people involved in the city you know and actively contributing that's absolutely yeah yeah I mean these are these are people who are truly are involved in their community and tap in and reaching out to help so you know I mean this is they're doing the work that the government doesn't do they're actually raising the hard dollars to feed the people in dire need where government you know often drops the ball that's the power of the individual and private charity as compared to the the over the overwhelming government behemoth and I got a nice night for that other outside great weather great food on the if you if you see the way they've got it situated is like a half moon of tables around the circle I guess if I mean five hundred is a decent amount of people and they're all being served by a by these waiters you know he's at school stuff yes very. and a night for a good cause yeah and for a good cause so we want to highlight that you know just kudos to them hats off from Hatcher in other news okay now I'm not sure if you heard this because it just happened late in the week but a intelligence whistleblower now supposedly the phone conversation happened on was August fifteenth August sixteenth and it took a couple of weeks for it to be processed within the intelligence department where ultimately after having consulted with this justice department V. complaint is being held no we don't know this is the fun part about how the whistleblower we don't know who the whistleblower is we don't know technically what they were sad what promises were made or even to whom they were made but supposedly this is very very bad now sources who are close to this this affair and this is the second plane allege that it is involves Ukraine that's what I have seen as well ha ha Ukraine and Joe Biden and I believe it was Joe Biden's son right hunter yes hunter Biden who we covered on the show in fact you can find the episode trouble in the house of Biden on to be ID see on the show page Saturday night on the circle you can find all of our podcasts up loaded their each and every week that particular episode was trouble in the house of Biden where we detailed both the scandalous Beria's affair of hunter Biden as well as his past doings in Ukraine and we speculated that the time that that could damage the Biden campaign and. it looks like that prophecy may be coming to fruition possibly we don't know because again details are sparse but what it take trump out in the process of that through this whistleblower well I mean they're alleging that the the bribes were made by. we're gonna have we're gonna have to see what the substance is we don't know what the substance is I mean everything's supposed to take out from every other week something's going to impeach trumpet nothing ever sticks so you know what hence I asked the question and yet what tribe actually himself is very dismissive of this because of course he was asked about the whistle blower incident he is what he had to say with the warriors the.

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