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Then in one of those perfect moments capitalism gets very weak applause from the Democrat debate audience just listen to this I want to do something about senator Sanders tweeted last year billionaires should not exist okay what say you I believe in capitalism but I think our goal someone in government and the president of the United States no I don't read too much into that whether it's a whether you were a flag on your lapel pin or whatever else but but taken in toto you start seeing these patterns emerging of who these candidates are in who supports these candidates and what kind of things excite them what kind of things they don't like and I think that most Americans who were sitting at home to the extent that they do watch this I think most Americans increasingly feel these are not my values I think that's what happened in nineteen sixty eight when the nation had elected a Democrat and sixty John F. Kennedy his vice president Lyndon Johnson in sixty four and then in nineteen sixty eight I think Nixon effectively appealed to the idea that the idea of the silent majority was this concept that the left the race riots the craziness well I think you could argue that that was a more mainstream Democrat party in nineteen sixty eight than it is today fifty two years later look at the sorts of things they're promoting I don't have to tell you I don't have to convince you your talk radio listeners you're already aware that's what I tell people all time I'm not a news man I don't deliver news I talked to people who've already read the news it irritates me when someone like Rick Wilson a never trooper makes trump supporters out to be idiots because of a southern accent because they're proud of their country because they fly either flag because they honor the veterans don't confuse that with stupidity no Sir it is in the owner bashed patriotism that is not a sign of a lack of sophistication that is not a sign of an uninformed individual in fact quite the opposite listeners of talk radio are so much better informed than the general public and you got to know that when you talk to I don't come into the show every day with the intention of telling you what happened I talk about what happened and I add perspective to it but I am well aware that most of you are already knowledgeable about what happened and I.

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