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You meet p could you got the seven. That's what I'm saying. He got the sexy voice a run rentals. They peaks pitchy whip from cute hot in a minute. A swear to God. I'm not even kidding with you man, Pika CHU is. So sexy just with the voice of round rentals that they know they got they got the women out there. Pika chew pennies just to get them with. That is real that is not a job. You could look at it. Peekapoos read it. Those are designed for nerds who wanna have sex with Pika chew. But no, they can't. But now they can't. Yeah. Exactly, two ready. No, no, no, no, don't don't don't take them off peak. It's you look down. He liked inter I. With the mouth right there. Okay. I'm gonna do some. Why don't you get undressed? Erection. No more. Now, come on, man. Hey, you know, what these fun is that? I'm cool. You don't see the face some nerves. That's a three. A chick in Pika chew to poke him. I caught the mall. Herpes? They can fight. Okay. Hopton blow pups? You'll Nashville man look at. But I'm one of those people to man, I say, you know, I don't know I'm on the mental Pokemon. I'm not interested. Right. Well, you front right now, you know, you way into put on. Oh, no, I'm not, you know, I tell you. I was talking about how I wasn't into you like come on, man. Like, that's the excuse. You know, you you watching it should Martin. I wish I could tell you was because maybe I understand what the hell's going on. We'll tell you something the thing is when I say if I had some them into Pok Mon I've seen every pokey mom movie that is out. That's right. I've seen every pokey mom movie. That's out there. Early in the morning hanging out with the damn animals and Martinez is been over decade. I've been watching these movies and still don't know what the hell is half. I can't tell you. I don't play the games. I have nothing against the games at all nothing gets them at all. But I don't but I don't play them. Any one that even looked interesting to me because I'm gonna tell you some. It was it was cute at first when we start out with the would Pika chew and ash animated short about about peak as Pokemon. I'm not, hey, I'm not. And it was all that. All that bicker bicker bicker picking you know, after about five years like need you need to learn some. Getting tired of this shit. Not don't ask Titas tied peak. Peak all day. Sally. Little Caesars pizza. Maybe that's the whole time that the creatures asking for pizza hungry. Oh, yeah. That's nice up there. Just a slight. That's why I thought it was cool when they actually had a game. Because a lot of people think this detective Pika is new and his night detective pecan shoes, actually based on a legit Pok Mon gain. Are you saying you're not just a detective, Jack? Cricket detective fica cheap. Bolts. Even though Pika chooser like a forty year old man who smokes about two packs from the Bronx. Like a chain smoking. Okay. I kept hearing from all the people we have around here how there was a detective Pika chew game. But I could reconcile that with the Saturday morning cartoon. And now, I see it together. I really can't put it together. I'll tell you. Yeah. Yeah. It's enough. Shoot email. He just went from bigger pick it up pick. Yeah. Fuck it. Hey, I'll take the Ruben with extra horse. Pick a fucking kid. We're gonna do this shit of what all. All. Jewish little Pokemon. Are we fighting why? So that's about it was kind of cool that we get into this this live action peak Pika chew, you know. Because for one thing as I said. You know, Ron Reynolds, one of my rations when my man crushes to, sir. I said I wanna be like around riddles, and I want to do round room..

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