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Into the NASCAR building in Charlotte North Carolina no kidding long should turn left June as NASCAR John different around the tracks with a video shared by WSOC TV or news come for shows the ground outside the NASCAR hall of fame covered littered with dead birds all man and while they're they're filming it for the news more birds flying into the building's windows before tumbling to the ground you saw this in you I did I saw the video yes to Carolina waterfowl rescue C. W. R. three hundred and ten at last count chimney swept had flown into the building almost a hundred almost half were killed the rest stop laughing area fifty one my favorite part listen to this sorry three hundred shouldn't chimneys were flown into the building in Germany Jim about half forty John Hafer kill with the other have severely injured there stunned but a respected to recover and they'll be released in a few days well I hope in the other direction I hope I was away from ten miles away in a different direction from the NASCAR don't you see little bird hospitals low birth assets and some of their wings up on the thing eggs and I've never raised and I and I learned something did you know this Josh will meet give me a little bit of background here you've got a a flock of.

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