Maryland, Juan Soto, Peres discussed on The Mark Levin Show


Not many holes in this hagerstown lineup and there without two of their huge bats they've misrule out of the year the one l is over for striking a very fresh baked heavy team as we talked about nine of the nationals top thirty prospects on this roster but two of them are on the dal their number three and four prospects juan soto and carter key boom outfielder shortstop respectively and me just add a top thirty prospect called up right before the series started peres rifles in a strike nibbling the outer edge one into looked like he spun into breaking ball either the gerbaud the slider eat primarily uses that slider now the mentioned the fourth pitch ease added this year yeah jackson wreaths was called up the hype it to'make you at one time this team had 10 of the top thirty prospects all on the roster that one delivered a down to the dirty a by sans to keep it in front in its to ensue all rankings according to the mlb dot lewis have of those guys on this roster she balls into strikes the coun peres facing jake noll the sun second baseman runners on second and third twoway no shore here in the bottom of the first initial stadium in hagerstown maryland to to one shot out on the ground white backup the middle workers steel cut should off from second base he'll throw out knoll and the inning is over so peres gets into trouble a couple of walks with one outcome backtoback woody bitches avidly jamil we stay scoreless chapter one server dodge baseball here on the big soccer twelve fifty wtma still waiting for the shower the.

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