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With paper mile insurance from all state called local Allstate agent today and get a quote. Steve Dresner. W T o p. TRAFFIC STORM Team FOREST Lauren Rick, It's the quiet before the storm. If you will temperatures today in the low to mid forties, which is average for this time, if you're feeling like the thirties with some breezing southerly winds as we continue into the overnight still little on the windy side temperatures tomorrow or low fifties we'll have some showers in the morning, becoming a little bit more spotty tomorrow afternoon. And then by the time we get until late tomorrow evening through the midnight hours we bring in 2021 looks to be dry. But after three or 4 a.m. on Friday morning, that's when we start to see rain pushing. Now it'll be freezing right North and west of D. C. Where we could actually have some ice accumulation on Friday morning that could create some treacherous travel. Eventually, temperatures rise through the afternoon and evening on Friday, so that'll change to all rain. Rain should be out by early Saturday morning, clearing on Saturday in Saturday's temperature. Around 60. I'm storm team for meteorologist Lauren Records Right now we have 42 degrees in Rosslyn and it Farragut Square 44 in laurel temperature here in northwest Washington under partly cloudy skies 41 degrees brought to you by patient first positions, X rays, lab tests and prescription drugs with 20 D C Metro area medical centers. 1 41. Now check that bank account. You may have already received the latest covert 19 relief check. The latest round of coronavirus stimulus payments have started hitting bank accounts. The need is high Central Texas Food Bank President Derek Chub says the $600 check is a temporary fix for the people his agency is helping. It doesn't necessarily.

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