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So much tree damage i've never seen so at least in my memory of seeing so much damage at least around where i live and i think it's pretty widespread so that threat has been reduced because of the fact that snow has turned into more of fluffier types no less water content to it not as heavy as it builds up on some of the trees not to say over southeastern massachusetts still pacing wet down there so consequently they have more of an issue much more in the way power outages down there barry burbank of course a day bowers or i think might be frank straight joining us but we've got a meteorologist coming up live in just a minute here but the conditions have rapidly deteriorated in sections west of boston let's join him with lana jones has there right now lana described conditions if you would have been on some of the side roads from holliston through ashland and i'm now in hopkinton anti getting detoured along the way but bowing trees there are they haven't the a lot of them have them come down yet but they are bowing into the road and some of the the trees are bringing some of the wires down with them although not off their polls just yet there have been scattered powder a power outages throughout this area all day and but lori conditions are very very treacherous the plows are out but just as soon as those plows past the snow just creates another blanket of white i've seen very few residents out today some of them have shovels and snowblowers but for the most part it looks like the houses and businesses throughout this area are all buttoned up and waiting for this to pass in hopkinton lana jones wbz newsradio ten thirty okay lana let's go over to logan airport again it looks like just about every flight in and out canceled flight.

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